Senate approves Biden’s budget plan

Vice President Kamala Harris breaks tie in Senate vote on Pres. Biden’s COVID stimulus package

The decisive vote in the vote was the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris

President Joe Biden’s push to swiftly pass a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill gained momentum early Friday when the U.S. Senate approved the budget plan. This allows Democrats to get the bill through Congress in the coming weeks, with or without Republican support..

After 15 hours of debate and consecutive votes on dozens of amendments, the Senate found itself in a dead end: 50-50 votes in adopting the budget plan. This impasse was overcome thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris, whose voice «per» ensured victory for the democrats.

Shortly before the final vote, Democrats flexed their muscles to propose an amendment overturning some of the previous decisions taken regarding the future of the Keystone XL pipeline and coronavirus relief for illegal immigrants in the United States..

Under the chairmanship of Vice President Kamala Harris, Democratic Senators succeeded in passing the amendment.

This was the first time that Harris, as President of the Senate, voted after she was sworn in as Vice President in the Biden administration on January 20..

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