Zuckerberg: Internet needs some form of regulation

Facebook’s Zuckerberg wants government regulations controlling online content

Zuckerberg: Internet needs some form of regulation

Facebook CEO testifies on Wednesday on a House committee

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told lawmakers on Wednesday that the Internet needs some form of regulation..

The day after Zuckerberg had to answer tough questions in hearings held jointly by the two Senate committees, he returned to Capitol Hill; this time – to answer questions from members of the Energy and Trade Committee of the House of Representatives.

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Live: Mark Zuckerberg continues to testify in Congress



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As before, the focus of legislators is on the transparency of the platform and the protection of users’ privacy.

Internet companies “will inevitably need some kind of regulation,” Zuckerberg said..

As a reminder, this idea is being debated by legislators – both Republicans and Democrats..

What this regulation might look like is not yet clear. However, lawmakers are talking about the need to improve the protection of user data – after large-scale leaks affecting tens of millions of users..

Facebook CEO urged congressmen to be careful about specific proposals, since large companies have – compared to small businesses – more resources to operate in accordance with the rules.

The topic of today’s hearings, like those held the day before in the Senate, is related to a large-scale leak of personal data of Facebook users, which led to the fact that the data of 87 million people fell without their knowledge at the disposal of the British company Cambridge Analytica, which was used by the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump. to work with likely supporters in the 2016 election.

“There has obviously been a breach of consumer confidence and likely misdirected data transmission,” Legal Committee head Chuck Grassley said at a hearing on Tuesday..

“It was my mistake and I’m sorry,” Zuckerberg said. – I founded Facebook and I manage it. And I am responsible for everything that happens there. “.

He promised that Facebook would identify and, if necessary, deprive other firms of the ability to access its platform, as well as give 2.2 billion users the ability to isolate themselves from “third forces.”.

In response to questions from lawmakers, Zuckerberg said, however, that after learning in 2015 that Cambridge Analytica was collecting data, the company he runs did not report it to the FTC..

“If you and other social media don’t take control, none of us will have any privacy,” said Bill Nelson, a leading Democrat on the Commerce Committee. “If Facebook and other internet companies do not stop or fail to stop breaches of personal data, then we, Congress will have to do it.”.

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