White House: Trump staff members were not invited to the President’s meeting with Michigan lawmakers

Michigan GOP lawmakers to meet with President Trump at White House today

White House: Trump staff members were not invited to the President's meeting with Michigan lawmakers

Joe Biden’s team says legislators have no right to overturn voting results in a key state

The White House meeting, to which President Donald Trump invited Republican lawmakers from Michigan, is not “propaganda” and will not be attended by Trump campaign officials. This was stated on Friday by the press secretary of the White House Kayleigh Makenani, without going into details of the agenda of the meeting, which will be held on Friday..

“This is not a propaganda meeting. None of the (Trump) campaigners will be on it. He meets regularly with lawmakers from across the country, ”McEnani said, answering a reporter’s question about what exactly the president is going to discuss with the leaders of the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives, which are controlled by the Republican Party..

Trump will meet at the White House today with Republican Majority Leader in Michigan Senate Mike Shirky and Speaker of the State House of Representatives Lee Chatfield, according to Reuters..

McEnani confirmed that Trump is not yet going to admit defeat and allow Biden’s team to begin the transition of power – at least until all the trials initiated by the president’s team are completed..

“As you know, 74 million Americans voted for the president … And there are quite real statements – the (Trump’s) campaign has 234 pages of affidavits, which are publicly available in only one County of Wayne (Michigan). Two election officials (Wayne County) declined to certify (counting results). These are real statements, these people deserve to be heard, ”Makanani said..

McEnani said massive mail-order voting, which has never been organized on such a scale in US history, is “particularly vulnerable to fraud.”.

A presidential spokeswoman also said she knew nothing about administration officials “instructing officials not to contact or communicate with members of Biden’s transition team.”.

“I was never instructed on this, I never heard about it,” said Makanani.

Trump’s campaign source told Reuters that the incumbent is now trying by all means to delay the official certification of the election results at the multi-state level – usually a routine procedure by which state authorities confirm the name of the winner..

On Tuesday, two Republicans on the Wayne County Electoral Commission in Michigan declined to confirm the vote. In the county that includes Detroit, Biden outnumbered Trump by a large margin. Republicans said they were confused by some inaccuracies in the counting of ballots.

After a heated discussion that lasted for several hours, the Republicans changed their minds. However, late Wednesday night, both members of the commission gave written testimony, stating that they wanted to withdraw their signatures and spoke about the numerous threats received against them..

Republican Monica Palmer said in a sworn affidavit that the Wayne County elections were held “with serious procedural flaws that deserve an investigation.” She explained that she voted to approve the results as she expected the state to conduct additional audits..

Palmer told Reuters on Thursday that Trump called her on Tuesday night, just after she voted to approve the election results. Palmer did not provide details of the conversation with President Palmer, saying only that she did not discuss with Trump the possibility of giving an affidavit..

Delaying or blocking official certification of election results in the state could theoretically allow local lawmakers to independently appoint electors loyal to Trump, Reuters explains. This can even happen in states where Joe Biden won.

As a rule, the results of the elections are certified by the secretary or governor of the state. Local legislators are usually not involved in this process. However, the Trump team cites language in the US Constitution that states that each state must appoint electors according to “the direction of its legislature.”.

“Everyone should bear in mind the centrality of state legislatures in the presidential election,” former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a longtime Trump associate, tweeted Saturday. In his opinion, in case of controversial situations, the names of the electors should be called “the legislative assembly, and not the secretary, governor or court.”.

The Trump team is pursuing a similar strategy in Pennsylvania. If the Republicans manage to implement this idea and achieve a transfer of powers to local legislators, then even in this case, the majority of the electoral votes will remain with Biden. To do this, the Trump team will need to suspend or cancel the election results in at least one more state. Only in this case, the incumbent president can theoretically win a vote in the Electoral College – this will happen if the electors appointed by Republican legislators support Trump despite the voting results in their states..

However, Michigan lawmakers cannot overturn election results in a key state, a victory in which largely guaranteed the victory of the president-elect, Biden’s campaign lawyer said on Tuesday..

“No state legislature in our country’s history has ever done what Donald Trump appears to be asking the Michigan legislature to do … that is, to ignore the popular vote,” lawyer Bob Bauer said..

Experts agree that the strategy chosen by Trump’s lawyers is highly controversial and can be easily challenged and blocked by other branches of government. After Biden’s victory in Georgia was announced by the Republican authorities of this state, Trump’s chances of winning are minimized..

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