White House and Democrats can’t agree on new economic aid package

House Democrats reject White House stimulus offer as ‘grossly inadequate’

White House and Democrats can't agree on new economic aid package

House Speaker Says; Serious Disagreement Between Democrats And White House

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday after a telephone conversation with Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin that “serious disagreements” remain between the Democrats and the Trump administration over a new coronavirus bill..

“Unfortunately, this telephone conversation clearly showed that there are still serious differences between the Democrats and the White House in understanding the seriousness of the situation in which American working families find themselves,” Pelosi was quoted as saying by Reuters..

“During our conversation, I once again expressed my hope that Republicans will sit down at the negotiating table and work with Democrats to save the lives and livelihoods of the American people,” Pelosi said..

In mid-May, House Democrats approved fifth coronavirus bill this year, totaling more than $ 3 trillion.

Some Republicans oppose new aid out of fear of a huge and growing budget deficit, which is projected to approach $ 4 trillion this year..

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Friday that President Donald Trump is poised to sign a $ 1.3 trillion economic bailout bill, up from an initial $ 1 trillion Republican proposal..

Pelosi lowers Democrats’ initial $ 3 trillion demand to $ 2.2 trillion, pushing for funding to states, municipalities, schools and coronavirus testing.

Earlier Tuesday, Stephen Mnuchin confirmed that the administration is ready to quickly negotiate a new economic aid package and work on a bipartisan agreement to help small businesses, the unemployed, children and schools. Democratic leaders are tough, Mnuchin said.

“Let’s move forward on a bipartisan basis on points that we can agree on,” Mnuchin urged at a hearing in the House of Representatives. “The President and I want to move forward.”.

Mnuchin argued that the economic recovery has intensified in recent weeks, citing improved consumer spending, production growth and a recovery in the housing market. Growth is constrained by the reluctance of some states to open their economies, he said..

Democrats insist dire economic conditions persist for many U.S. residents.

“Millions of Americans are now facing evictions, debt and hunger,” said Congressman James Cliburn. “As the pandemic drags on, states, cities and businesses are warning of the possibility of new layoffs.”.

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