Vladimir Zelensky: we will return everyone: we will return both Crimea and people. We believe in it

Vladimir Zelensky: we will return everyone: we will return both Crimea and people. We believe in it

In Ukraine and in the world, the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag is celebrated on June 26

KIEV – During a working trip to Kherson, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was presented with the Crimean Tatar flag. According to the press service of the Ukrainian leader on June 26, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was met at the Kherson airport by former political prisoner Edem Bekirov, who had been illegally detained in the occupied Crimea since 2018. Edem Bekirov returned to Ukraine in September 2019 as part of the Russian-Ukrainian mutual release of detainees.

“I want to convey this flag to you from all [Crimean Tatar] people, so that in the near future you will raise it in Crimea,” he said..

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked Edem Bekirov and promised to keep this flag.

“We will return everyone: we will return both Crimea and people. We believe in this, “Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized..

In Ukraine and in the world on June 26, the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag is celebrated. The flag was approved in 1917, the holiday itself began to be celebrated in 2010 and was fixed by the decision of the Fifth Kurultai of the Crimean Tatar people, according to the press service of the President of Ukraine.

On the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba noted that “not a single provision of Russian legislation – fixed in the law, presidential decree or the constitution of this country – can prevent the de-occupation of Crimea.”.

“Now many are discussing the changes in the Russian constitution, which, they say, should fix the“ inviolability of the borders of Russia ”. Today I want to firmly declare: Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian, ”said Dmitry Kuleba, speaking at the ceremony of raising the Crimean Tatar flag with the participation of the leader of the Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev, Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov.

Flag – on diplomatic missions

The head of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine noted that on the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag, he soared not only at the ministry in Kiev, but also in all foreign Ukrainian diplomatic institutions.

Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov, speaking to the audience, said that the Crimean Tatars, Crimea, Ukraine are the only associative array, none of which exists separately, and expressed confidence in the inevitability of the de-occupation of the peninsula. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine informs about it..

The flag of the Crimean Tatars was hung at the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania on the occasion of the Day of the Crimean Tatar Flag, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius writes on Twitter.

“Crimean Tatar flag near the Foreign Ministry. Today, on the tenth anniversary of the Crimean Tatar flag, we honor the Crimean Tatars. We declare once again that we do not recognize the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea and Sevastopol and call on the Russian Federation to stop violating international law, ”Linas Linkevičius wrote..

Crimea in Ukraine’s foreign policy

Director of the Center for Public Research “Ukrainian Meridian” Dmitry Levus believes that the strategy of returning Crimea should be part of the country’s overall policy towards Russia.

“Everything suggests that Russia will leave Crimea only when it is completely weakened, when the existing regime is unable to maintain the occupation of the peninsula. At the same time, it is essential to strengthen the Ukrainian combat capability and the formation of a combat-ready fleet, an international coalition that is finally implementing effective economic sanctions that are truly weakening Russia, ”Dmitry Levus told the Voice of America correspondent.

According to him, the proposed amendments to the Russian Constitution are intended to consolidate, among other things, the annexation of the peninsula..

“Changes to the Russian Constitution should affect the process of returning Crimea: those who come after Putin will not even be able to think about territorial changes. Therefore, Crimea today has been turned into an “unsinkable aircraft carrier,” and such infrastructure projects as the Crimean Bridge, the Kremlin and Russia are designed to consolidate the annexation, ”Dmitry Levus emphasizes..

He believes that there is no particular hope for the Russian democrats on the “Crimean issue”. They, according to Dmitry Levus, are not ready to challenge the Russian annexation of Crimea.

Unified process for the return of the occupied territories

Sergei Parkhomenko, director of the OPAD Center for Foreign Policy Studies named after Alexander Nikonorov, believes that Crimea should be returned together with Donbass.

“The statements of the representatives of the current government concern the integration of the Crimean Tatars on the mainland of Ukraine, but they do not speak about the assertion of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people in their historical homeland. In order to have a chance to return to Crimea, we need a government that will raise the Crimean issue, not only during memorable dates and celebrations. It is dangerous to hold negotiations in the Normandy format in the Minsk process without Crimea, “says Sergei Parkhomenko to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

The political scientist notes that in foreign policy, Ukraine focuses on the problem of Donbass, while in Crimea, pro-Ukrainian sentiments are more developed..

“There is resistance in Crimea, a visual picture that there are a large number of people on the peninsula who want to go to Ukraine. There is no such thing in Donbass – those who protested already in the “basement”, or were exchanged – these people are either already illegally convicted or they have returned to Ukraine, “says Serhiy Parkhomenko.

He believes that with the right strategy, the process of returning Crimea will be effective..

“Even if there are no Russian invaders in the Donbas, from the standpoint of the economy, it is more difficult to reintegrate it into Ukraine. Crimea, as a region, with the support of Western partners, is easier to integrate “, – says the political scientist.

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