USA and Saudi Arabia strengthen cooperation

Singapore-Saudi Arabia ties will be strengthened with more cooperation: President Halimah

USA and Saudi Arabia strengthen cooperation

Secretary of State receives Saudi Foreign Minister in Washington

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meets in Washington with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud as part of the first strategic dialogue between the two countries.

According to the Secretary of State, the meeting demonstrated the readiness of both countries to strengthen not only security and economic ties, but also partnership in general. Pompeo said the US is preparing to purchase a 26-acre site for a new embassy in Riyadh. This project, along with the recent opening of a new consulate in Jeddah and the ongoing construction of a new consulate in Dhahran, represents an investment of over $ 1 billion..

Pompeo said they talked at length about regional security. “It’s no secret that Iran’s destabilizing behavior threatens the security of Saudi Arabia and undermines global trade,” he said. – This is evidenced by Iranian ballistic missile strikes on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia last fall. And the frequent bombing of Saudi Arabia by the Houthis using missiles, drones and other deadly technology supplied by the Tehran regime. Today, we reaffirmed our mutual commitment to countering Iranian malign activities and the threat it poses to regional security and prosperity, as well as the security of the American people. The United States supports a robust arms sales program to Saudi Arabia as part of efforts that help the kingdom protect its citizens and support jobs in America. “.

Al-Saud said that in the future it is planned to discuss joint efforts to strengthen regional stability and security and counter common threats, including the Iranian regime. He noted that the Iranian regime continues to provide financial and material support to terrorist groups, including in Yemen. “Iran’s nuclear program, ballistic missile development program and its malicious activities pose a serious threat to the region and the world. We are both determined to counter and contain Iran’s destabilizing behavior, ”he stressed..

He expressed concern about the situation with the oil tanker FSO Safer in the Red Sea, to which the Houthis refuse to grant full access, which threatens an environmental disaster..

Al Saud pledged that his country, this year’s G20 presidency, will continue efforts to coordinate international efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global economy.

“We thank the United States for its support and leadership in this area. We will also explore ways to strengthen our close economic and defense cooperation, which will strengthen our historic partnership in the future, providing jobs and economic opportunities for the citizens of Saudi Arabia and America, ”said the prince..

Later, at a press conference on Wednesday, Pompeo also noted that the United States is pleased that the Iraqi government is doing more to protect the US embassy in Baghdad from Iran-backed Shiite militias..

“We are delighted that the Iraqis are doing more to keep our team safe,” Pompeo told reporters..

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