US Will Continue Supporting Syrian Democratic Forces Against Islamic Terrorists

US-backed Syrian Forces Target IS Sleeper Cells

US Will Continue Supporting Syrian Democratic Forces Against Islamic Terrorists

SDF reported the complete defeat of the last stronghold; IS in Baguz

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), part of the US-backed coalition, announced on Saturday the complete defeat of the last stronghold of the self-proclaimed Islamic State caliphate in the village of Baguz in northeastern Syria..

On one of the few buildings that survived the Bagusa bombing, the SDF flag was hoisted today. After that, representatives of the coalition celebrated the defeat of IS in Syrian territory..

“After five years of struggle, we are here to proclaim … victory over IS and … over the threat they pose to all mankind,” SDF Commander Mazlum Kobani said in the presence of coalition partners during a ceremony in Baguz.

“Today we report on the destruction of the so-called“ Islamic State ”…, its last stronghold in Baguz,” Kobani said..

During the ceremony, the SDF command and representatives of the allies paid tribute to the memory of 11 thousand coalition fighters who died in the fight against Islamists.

William Robeck, US adviser to the coalition, confirmed during his speech that Washington will not abandon the SDF and other partners, even though the United States will soon withdraw most of its military contingent from Syria..

“We will continue to support coalition operations in Syria to cement this… victory. We will do whatever is necessary in the region, including Syria, and around the world to consolidate the victory over this threat, ”Robeck said, referring to the Islamic State terrorists..

However, the fate of the last surviving militants of “IS” – perhaps we are talking about several hundred terrorists – on Saturday remained unknown. SDF representatives emphasize that, despite the defeat of the so-called caliphate, the militants continue to pose a threat to civilians in the region.

High-ranking representatives of the US Department of Defense and American intelligence services have repeatedly warned allies that terrorists have long been ready for a direct military defeat of their pseudo-state in Syria..

A senior Pentagon official says at least “tens of thousands” of IS fighters and supporters remain at large in Syria and Iraq, including the leader of the group, the self-proclaimed “Caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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