US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal

U.S. Says It’s Willing to Meet With Iran to Restore Nuclear Deal

US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal

The State Department also said the United States can be a constructive force in shaping the course of world events.

The United States will continue to support Israel. State Department spokesman Ned Price said this during a briefing. According to him, “The United States continues to maintain President Biden’s strong commitment to Israel and security issues, including opposition to moves aimed at unjust attacks on Israel.”.

According to Ned Price, “The United States can be a constructive force to help shape the course of world events.”.

“We believe the United States plays a constructive role in the Human Rights Council, when we play a constructive role in it with our allies and partners, positive change is possible. One of the necessary reforms involves the Council’s disproportionate focus on Israel. The Council requires the participation of countries with a good track record of protecting human rights. We are firmly convinced that the states with the worst indicators in the field of human rights protection should not be included in the Human Rights Council, ”he said..

State Department also expects Iran to implement nuclear deal after Feb.21.

“We have stated that we expect Iran to resume full compliance with the terms of the deal. Iran is far from fulfilling requirements in a number of specific areas. We expect Iran to demonstrate its willingness to accept the proposal that Vice President Biden put forward during the election campaign, and it is still valid. “.

US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal

The President said he is ready to join a 2015 deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), to limit Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons if Tehran stops enriching uranium..

US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal
US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal

Tehran has made it clear that it is ready to do this, but wants the Biden administration to take the first step by lifting the sanctions imposed by former President Trump, who backed out of the deal in 2018..

Iran’s parliament set February 21 as a deadline for European countries that have signed the JCPOA to ease the restrictions imposed on the country’s banking and oil industries, which are under pressure from US sanctions. If this deadline is not met, Tehran has promised to cut off access for UN nuclear inspectors and further increase uranium enrichment..

The Biden administration has said it views engagement with Iran on the nuclear issue as a priority, although critics argue that any rapprochement between countries poses a serious threat to the United States and its regional allies..

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US expects Iran to comply with nuclear deal

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