Ukrainian experts on Putin’s statements: aggression and friendship are incompatible

The strategy behind Putin’s aggression in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the settlement of the conflict in Donbass will come, but Russia will not stop supporting Donbass

KIEV – The prospects for the development of relations between Ukraine and Russia largely depend on the Ukrainian authorities. This was announced on December 17 at the annual press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As for the prospects for the development of relations between Russia and Ukraine, it largely depends on the Ukrainian authorities, I will not say from Ukraine now, but from the Ukrainian authorities. After all, almost all the previous heads of state who came, and the current one, by the way, Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky, came with the slogan of ending the conflict in Donbass, came with the slogan of uniting the country, and ultimately building relations with Russia, ”said the leader of the Russian state. reports the Kremlin website.

He also noted that at the stage of “building relations with Russia” “the process freezes”, suggesting that the leadership of Ukraine simply does not have enough “political courage”.

Settlement in Donbass, according to the Russian president, is inevitable.

“The question is when. This, I repeat, to a large extent depends on the current Ukrainian authorities. And Russia both supported Donbass and will continue to support it. We will even increase our support for Donbass. This also applies to maintaining production, solving social issues, infrastructure issues, and so on, ”said Vladimir Putin.

Sanctions against Russia continued

Recall that the European Union on December 17 extended the economic sanctions against Russia due to the aggression in Ukraine for six months. According to the website of the European Council, “based on the fact that the Minsk agreements have not been fully implemented by Russia, the EU leaders unanimously made a political decision to extend economic sanctions against Russia.”.

According to Crimea.Realii, the UN General Assembly on December 16 adopted an updated and strengthened resolution on the human rights situation in the annexed Crimea.

“We welcome the UN General Assembly resolution calling on Russia to abide by its obligations as an occupier in Crimea and to immediately stop violations and bullying there. Russia must release the illegally detained Ukrainians and ensure unhindered access for human rights monitors, ”the US Embassy in Ukraine said in a commentary on the Facebook page..

American diplomats stressed that “they will never reconcile with Russia’s attempt to annex Crimea”, signing the information with the hash tag “#КrimCeUkraine”.

On December 17, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted during a video conference with the heads of foreign diplomatic institutions the foreign policy priority – the establishment of peace, the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

“We are a country that is opposing the hybrid war of the Russian Federation. And these are not only hostile actions against our independence, against Ukraine. This is a challenge to the entire civilized world community, “said Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The leader of Ukraine also noted the importance of further work on the liberation of the Ukrainian Crimea. He stressed that today this issue has been returned to the international agenda..

Anti-Russian sanctions continue without discussion

According to Valery Dymov, Director of the Center for Social and Informative Technologies “Forum”, Ukraine is interested in establishing interstate relations, but only when Russia’s aggression stops.

“Putin, in the traditional manner, places responsibility on Ukraine for what he does not do himself. And when he says that Ukraine does not comply with the Minsk agreements, because it does not negotiate with the separatists, I remind you that the Trilateral Contact Group was created for negotiations by Russia, Ukraine and the OSCE, ”Valeriy Dymov told the Voice of America correspondent.

The Paris communiqué, the political scientist notes, was agreed more than a year ago with the participation of the leaders of four countries – Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia..

“Ukraine agreed in the presence of France and Germany, and this is written in the final documents of the Paris summit on December 9, that by the end of 2019 the fire was supposed to stop in Donbass – this happened in July 2020, there is about the admission of the Red Cross to the occupied territories – Russia is blocking this initiative … At the same time, Russia pretends that it has nothing to do with this process, ”emphasizes Valery Dymov.

Sanctions against Russia, he said, are being introduced without discussion in the European Union, UN and the United States – this is one of the evidence of the Kremlin’s ongoing violations of international law..

Friendship is impossible during a period of aggression

Political analyst Oleksandr Paliy is not inclined to trust the words of the President of Russia about the insufficient actions and responsibility of the Ukrainian side for the development of relations with Russia.

“He speaks as if you can steal territory from the country, kill tens of thousands of people, and after that Ukraine should be friends with Russia. Of course this is not possible. I do not think that the Russian leadership had illusions when it began all its military adventures in 2014, but if there are those out there who believe that friendship with Ukraine is possible after all this, it is a big mistake. I think that the Kremlin is simply imitating that such a relationship is possible, “Aleksandr Paliy tells the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent..

The political scientist believes that it is “unpromising” to plan relations with the Kremlin for the future, especially since Ukraine is interested in forming economic relations with other countries of the world, without Russia.

“Economic relations with Russia give Ukraine a corruption component, but we don’t need it,” Oleksandr Paliy emphasizes..

The return of Ukrainian territories in the east of the country, he said, is possible after the strengthening of the global and Ukrainian economic pressure on Russia..

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