Ukraine at the debates in the European Parliament presented the Crimean platform

Ukraine at the debates in the European Parliament presented the Crimean platform

Official Kiev calls on European partners to pay attention to the ongoing Russian militarization of Crimea

KYIV – Representatives of Ukraine in the European Parliament at online events within the framework of the series of public events “European Debates” presented the Crimean platform and invited European MPs to join its work in the parliamentary direction.

Reported by the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on December 21.

From the Ukrainian side, First Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova, People’s Deputies of Ukraine Rustem Umerov, Liza Yasko and Vadim Galaychuk, Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People Refat Chubarov took part in the events.

Emine Dzhaparova spoke about the continuing deterioration of the situation in the temporarily occupied Crimea. She reported on the growing militarization of the peninsula, on the supply by Russia of weapons and equipment capable of carrying nuclear weapons, the deployment of military personnel and the seizure of former nuclear weapons storage facilities..

“All this poses a serious threat to the security of the Azov-Black Sea and Mediterranean regions and requires increased attention of the international community,” said the First Deputy Minister.

She drew the attention of the meeting participants to the fact that Russia is responsible for political persecution, torture, inhuman treatment of prisoners, restricting access to medical care, especially in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 disease..

Emine Dzhaparova welcomed the creation by the European Union of a new Global Sanctions Regime for human rights violations and called on the EU to appoint a Special Representative for Crimea.

The issue of Crimea on the world agenda

The Ukrainian press notes that the first Crimean Platform summit is scheduled for 2021 in Kiev. According to Krym.Realii, on October 20, the “Crimean negotiations” were announced by the President of Ukraine.

“We are creating the“ Crimean Platform ”format. This is the coordination of international efforts to protect the rights of Crimeans and de-occupation of the peninsula. I have already substantively discussed this initiative with representatives of the EU, Great Britain, Canada, Turkey. Many of them are ready to join and actively participate, ”said Vladimir Zelensky.

At a meeting on December 7, the UN General Assembly supported the draft of a strengthened resolution of Ukraine on the Russian militarization of Crimea. “The resolution condemns the temporary Russian occupation of Crimea and notes that such an occupation poses a threat to international security,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine told the press Dmitry Kuleba.

The Ukrainian Ministry for the Reintegration of the Occupied Territories quotes the paragraphs of the UN General Assembly resolution, which call for Russia to “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its armed forces from Crimea and immediately end the temporary occupation of the territory of Ukraine.”.

One of the main issues is the possibility of attracting Russia to participate in the Crimean Platform. Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that the Crimea issue is not discussed and is closed forever..

“Crimean Platform” – an information tool

Political scientist Victor Taran notes that Ukraine is constantly taking steps to keep the situation in Crimea in the focus of global attention.

“And the recent vote on the human rights situation in Crimea at the UN General Assembly is the best evidence of this. The Crimean Platform, as an information tool, will obviously keep the attention of the world community on the humanitarian agenda in relation to the occupied peninsula, “Viktor Taran says to the Voice of America correspondent..

According to him, geopolitical changes in the world are necessary for the de-occupation of Crimea..

At the same time, he believes that the issue of supplying water to the occupied territory cannot be the lever that will put Russia at the negotiating table on the de-occupation of Crimea..

“The interests of the people for the Kremlin have never been something important, and the“ water factor ”cannot influence the de-occupation. Moreover, it can lead to an intensification of the escalation of the conflict, Russia can try to seize the supply of water by force and occupy another part of the territory of Ukraine, ”notes Viktor Taran.

This option, the political scientist believes, cannot be discarded, given the “weakness of the Ukrainian government”.

About platform participants

Head of the Center for Political Research “Doctrine” Yaroslav Bozhko believes that the successful implementation of the Crimean Platform project depends on the chosen format, which is not yet fully understood.

“It can be both an intergovernmental commission of several countries, and a platform with the participation of foreign ministers or even heads of state. Information appeared in the media about the “Crimean Platform” in the Verkhovna Rada as a group of deputies, therefore an inter-parliamentary format is also possible, “Yaroslav Bozhko says to the correspondent of the Russian service of” Voice of America “.

He believes that the “Crimean Platform” can become both a platform for communication on the Crimean issue in the West, and a source for the development of new sanctions against new cases of human rights violations on the peninsula..

“The United States, Great Britain and Turkey will most likely be represented in the Crimean Platform as active members in the coverage of Russia’s occupation of Crimea and human rights violations. However, until the inauguration of Joe Biden, the appointment of the American ambassador to Ukraine, the question of US participation in this project is still open, ”emphasizes Yaroslav Bozhko.

According to him, without the United States, this platform will be perceived more at the regional, Black Sea level of cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey. At the same time, the issue of the participation of Germany and France will depend on the “articulation of the Crimean issue itself” in the platform’s negotiating agenda.

“There is no need to talk about the fact that this is a preparatory group for the transfer of Crimea from the control of Russia,” emphasizes Yaroslav Bozhko.

On the unity of positions on the “Crimean issue”

Expert of the public organization KievStratPro Marik Dzhangutinov believes that on the issue of sanctions pressure on Russia for the occupation of Crimea, the United States adheres to a constant and unified position.

“The European lobby does not have a clear position – some European politicians unequivocally say that Crimea is Ukraine, and some – about some non-existent historical moments. Therefore, Ukraine has to rely not on a unified position of the world on the issue of de-occupation on the United States, as well as on international legal institutions – the OSCE, the UN General Assembly, “- says Marik Dzhangutinov to the correspondent of the Russian service” Voice of America “.

The Ukrainian policy of de-occupation of Crimea, according to him, also requires strengthening in the legislative, political, economic spheres..

“Today the desire to strengthen personalized sanctions for Crimea seems to be the most effective. However, there are problems in Ukrainian politics in this matter – we have not yet adopted a number of legislative acts that would allow this to be done, ”says Marik Dzhangutinov.

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