Trump went on campaign trips amid the Democratic convention

President Trump holds campaign event in WI in light of toned-down DNC

Trump went on campaign trips amid the Democratic convention

President will visit four states, including next to Biden’s childhood home in Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON – On Day 1 of the virtual Democratic convention, incumbent Republican President Donald Trump moved his campaign into the heart of the Upper Midwest.

During election-style stops at Minnesota and Wisconsin airports, the president accused his would-be electoral opponent of being an ignorant puppet of the “left-wing fascists”.

Trump warned that an opposition party’s victory in November would mean open borders, economic collapse, and other disasters..

“In Joe Biden’s America, the safeguards stemming from American citizenship will be removed and your community will be left to the mercy of the crowd,” the president said at Mankato, Minnesota airport..

Later, at a similar event on the tarmac of an airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Trump said that “in America under Biden, no one will be safe” because the former vice president and his partner, Senator Kamala Harris, “are supporters of criminals and opponents of the police “.

At the same time, the president issued a warning, stating that the November 3 elections could be rigged..

“Just make sure your votes are counted,” he told his supporters. – Make sure, because we can lose in these elections only if they are rigged. Remember this. Only in this case can we lose this election, so we need to be very careful. “.

Trump went on campaign trips amid the Democratic convention

In 2016, in Minnesota, Trump showed that he can compete: Hillary Clinton managed to win this state with great difficulty..

“Obviously, if the president has a strategy, it’s an old ploy — to play on the fears of a white middle class alarmed by protests, unrest and changing demographics,” Jennifer Delton, history professor at Skidmore College, told Voice of America..

According to her, “the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, the accompanying riots and the resulting material damage, constant calls to deprive the police of funding have become alarming and uncomfortable realities” for many Minnesotans, representing the older generation of “baby boomers”, regardless of their political bias.

In addition to visits to Minneapolis and Mankato airports in Minnesota and Oshkosh in Wisconsin, the president will travel to the border city of Yuma in Arizona on Tuesday..

In two days, he will be near Biden’s childhood home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. On the same day, Biden will give a speech from neighboring Delaware, in which he will formally agree to become the Democratic presidential candidate..

On Monday, the president focused on the topic of the new economic recovery after the impact of the pandemic.

“Do you know what this is? Trump asked. – Correctly. It is God who is testing me. He said: You know, once you did it. And I said: I did a great job, God? I am the only person who has succeeded. He said: You shouldn’t say that. Now you have to do it again. “.

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