Trump’s lawyers will present defense arguments in three to four hours

Trump impeachment: Defense lawyers present arguments on day 4 of Senate trial | FULL

Trump's lawyers will present defense arguments in three to four hours

Senate trial continues to impeach former President Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers said they only need a few hours to present their client’s defense arguments in the Senate impeachment trial this week..

On Friday, Trump’s lawyers at noon began laying out arguments in defense of the former president, while Trump himself is not going to give any evidence – the ex-president refused to participate in the trial.

At the beginning of the meeting, Trump’s lawyer Michael Van der Veen said that the current impeachment is “unconstitutional” and “outrageous” attempt of political revenge on the former president by the Democratic Party. He also cited examples where Donald Trump, as head of state, called on his supporters for a “peaceful patriotic” protest on January 6 in Washington, and also demanded an end to violent actions in the Capitol..

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Trump impeachment 2021: defense denies everything



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Trump's lawyers will present defense arguments in three to four hours

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The lawyer also expressed bewilderment that one of the leaders of the Antifa movement, who was among the first to be detained by law enforcement officers on January 6, was among the first to be released. Michael Van der Veen noted that, in his opinion, many of the people who resorted to violence on January 6 had very different goals than most of the protesters of Trump supporters..

In turn, another Trump defender, lawyer David Schoen, cited examples when Democrats – impeachment managers, manipulated Trump quotes on social networks, even resorting to open falsification, and also manipulated video frames presented during the indictment in the Senate. In response to Trump’s accusations that it was his bellicose statements that provoked violence and mutiny in the Capitol, Schoen also cited numerous quotes when, in his opinion, similar harsh language, calling to fight Trump and his supporters, was used by leading Democratic politicians … In addition, according to Schoen, many Democratic politicians, in fact, with their statements condoned radical protesters and outbursts of violence, which swept across the country in 2020 and expressed themselves in arson, looting and damage to both federal and private property, in attacks on police officers and police stations.

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According to Agence France-Presse, Trump’s lawyers said they would only need three to four hours to present their arguments. According to the rules of impeachment, defenders, like prosecutors, were allocated up to 16 hours to present their arguments..

“We have no reason to stay there for a long time. As I said at the beginning, this trial should not have been held at all, ”David Sean, one of Trump’s lawyers, told Fox News..

The defenders’ remarks follow the presentation of the arguments of the prosecutors – impeachment managers from the House of Representatives, who argued for the prosecution within two days. Impeachment managers linked Trump’s speech at the January 6 rally to the actions of a crowd of his supporters that stormed the Capitol on the same day in an attempt to interfere with the process of confirming the results of the 2020 presidential election..

President Joe Biden said today he is “impatient” to see Republicans vote after Democrats provided evidence that the former president, they believed, incited his supporters to rebel.

“I just can’t wait to see what my Republican friends do,” Biden told reporters at the White House..

On Thursday, three Republican Senators – Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Mike Lee of Utah, who are serving as jurors in the Senate trial – met with Trump’s lawyers..

CNN reported that David Sean, one of Trump’s lawyers, confirmed information about the meeting, saying lawmakers wanted to make sure the former president’s lawyers were “familiar with procedural matters” prior to speaking on Friday..

According to media reports, Trump is frustrated with the performance of his lawyers, David Sean and Bruce Castor, who were hired after the former president’s previous team of lawyers stepped down shortly before the start of the Senate trial..

On Thursday, prosecutors said there was “clear and irrefutable” evidence that Trump instigated the riot by sending a crowd of supporters to the Capitol to confront lawmakers who at the time were certifying that Republican candidate Joe Biden was defeated..

Concluding his speech, Lead Impeachment Manager, Congressman Jamie Ruskin, addressed the Senators, asking them to use “common sense” regarding the events that took place within the walls of the Capitol on January 6.

Trump’s lawyers argue that the ex-president’s speech at a rally in Washington was acceptable political rhetoric, sanctioned by the First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects free speech.

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