Trump fired election security chief

The President accused Chris Krebs, who led the Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency, of; extremely inaccurate statements about the absence of massive fraud during the past elections

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night fired Chris Krebs, head of the Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which was responsible for securing the November 3 presidential election. The head of state announced this personnel decision on his Twitter..

«Chris Krebs’ recent statement about the security of the 2020 elections was extremely inaccurate, as there were massive violations and fraud – including voting of deceased people, observers were not allowed to polling stations, (occurred) «glitches» in the voting machines that passed … Trump votes to Biden, out-of-time voting, and more. Thus, Chris Krebs has just been fired from his post as Director of the Computer and Infrastructure Security Agency.», – says the president’s tweet.

Twitter immediately tagged Trump’s tweets about Krebs’ sacking «This allegation of election fraud is controversial».

Last week agency «Reuters» reported that Krebs, who was responsible for the security of the elections, primarily from hacker attacks, told his colleagues that he was expecting to be fired, as his attempts to challenge Trump’s allegations of massive fraud caused the ire of the head of state.

The agency headed by Krebs is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

As writes «Reuters», Immediately after the announcement of Krebs’s dismissal, many security experts spoke out in support of him, who stressed that the former head of CISA, who led the agency for the past two years, never took a bias in favor of any party.

According to three sources «Reuters», the website caused particular irritation in the White House «Rumor management», created by CISA to expose misinformation about the electoral process.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, criticized Trump’s actions, saying that during the election, the agency led by Krebs, «provided vital support to state and local electoral officials».

«In the best civil service tradition, they spoke the truth to the authorities and helped keep Americans and our institutions safe. Rather than reward him for outstanding service, President Trump settled scores with Director Krebs and other officials who were doing their duty.», – Schiff said.

Republican Senator Richard Burr spoke out in support of Krebs on Tuesday evening. He named the former director of CISA «a dedicated civil servant who has done an admirable job during difficult times. Chris and his team at CISA have worked hard to improve our electoral infrastructure, helping … build trust between state and federal governments»

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