Trump doubts Russia is behind massive cyber attack

Trump downplays massive cyberattack while Pompeo blames Russia

Trump doubts Russia is behind massive cyber attack

President believes the hacker attack on the US government may have been orchestrated by Beijing

On Saturday, December 19, President Donald Trump commented for the first time on the information about a large-scale hacker attack, in which cyber experts, as well as the head of the State Department Mike Pompeo, have already blamed Moscow. Trump questioned this, tweeting that “hacking is often the product of fake news.” Trump also added that the Chinese authorities may be behind the current attack..

“Russia, Russia, Russia – that’s what everyone starts to sing when something happens, because the mainstream media, mainly for financial reasons, are afraid to discuss the possibility that it could be China,” wrote the head of the White House in your twitter account.

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Trump also admitted that during the US elections, voting machines could be cyber-hacked by Chinese hackers and that this could affect the voting results. The President reiterated his famous statement that in fact he won the current election.

The administration of the social network Twitter has flagged this post as containing misinformation, noting that the real winner is Joe Biden, who received 306 electoral votes, which were officially confirmed on December 14 by the Electoral College..

As a reminder, back on Thursday, President Donald Trump‘s administration and President-elect Joe Biden expressed alarm over a massive invasion of computer systems..

The cyber division of the US Department of Homeland Security said the hack “poses a serious threat to the federal and state governments, municipalities … as well as critical infrastructure and other private sector organizations.” Among the victims of the hack were the US Department of Energy and Microsoft. Earlier it was also reported that the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce were attacked..

In turn, in an interview with American journalist Mark Levin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Russia was involved in the latest large-scale cyber attack on the United States government..

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