Trump criticized Bolton’s book

Trump fumes, Democrats furious about John Bolton’s book

Trump criticized Bolton's book

Memoirs of ex-national security adviser provoke controversy in the US political establishment

US President Donald Trump launched a full-scale attack on Thursday on his former national security adviser John Bolton. This came after Bolton, in his new book, called the president an “inconsistent” and “startlingly ignorant” commander in chief..

In a series of harsh comments on Twitter, Trump called Bolton’s book “a collection of lies and fictional stories,” moreover, according to the president, “all of this was intended to present me in an unattractive light.” As Trump noted, “many of the ridiculous claims he attributes to me have never been made, (this is) just fiction.”.

The president called Bolton “a disgruntled, boring fool who only wanted to fight.” According to Trump, Bolton “never knew anything … and got rid of him safely.”.

John Bolton (archived photo)

Trump, who does not admit his mistakes too often, wrote, however, on Twitter that in 2018, at the beginning of Bolton’s 17-month stay in the White House, as well as in 2019, there were situations when Bolton should have been fired immediately..

In particular, the president noted that, speaking on a talk show, Bolton “stupidly” commented on the US opinion on the future of North Korea, which complicated Trump’s beginning negotiations with Kim Jong-un..

The White House is seeking a court order to block Bolton’s planned 577-page book, The Room Where It Happened, next week, arguing that the book contains confidential national security information that should be kept secret, even though Preliminary copies of the book have already been received by several US news agencies, which published materials on Wednesday on Bolton’s statements.

White House spokeswoman Kaley McEnani on Thursday called Bolton’s decision to publish the book “terrible” and “contemptuous.”.

She called it untrue Bolton’s claim that during the G7 summit in June 2019, Trump asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping to help him fight for re-election..

Bolton, who received a $ 2 million advance for his book, claims Trump asked Xi to buy more US agricultural produce to help Trump win agricultural elections..

Bolton said Trump “turned the conversation around in a startling way to the upcoming US presidential election, citing China’s economic power to influence campaigns and asking Xi to ensure his victory. He stressed the importance of farmers and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat for the election results. “.

Bolton claims he was ready to publish Trump’s exact words, but a different decision was made during the review of the text of the book before publication..

Based on reports from Bolton, the Democratic candidate in the November election – former Vice President Joe Biden – accused the current US president of “wanting to trade our most cherished democratic values ​​for an empty promise of a fragile trade deal that will bail him out.”.

“If these messages are correct,” Biden said in a statement, “this is not only morally disgusting, but also a violation of Donald Trump’s sacred duty to the American people: to protect America’s interests and our values.”.

Based on his conversations with Trump and observing him during the meetings, Bolton claims that Trump believed that Finland was part of Russia and did not know that the UK had nuclear weapons. Bolton also claims that during Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave him (Bolton) a note that denounced Trump in vulgar terms..

According to Bolton, Trump was always looking for an opportunity to “put on a reality show”.

Bolton’s book drew criticism not only from the president, but also from Congressman Adam Schiff, who led the efforts of the Democrats during the impeachment case. (This included, in particular, the accusations against the president related to relations with Ukraine. Trump was acquitted by the Senate in February.)

Schiff tweeted that Bolton employees were asked to testify about Trump’s actions, and they did..

“They had a lot to lose and they showed courage,” Schiff said. – And when they asked Bolton, he refused, saying that he would file a lawsuit if a summons was sent to him …. He saved it all for a book. Bolton may be a writer, but he is not a patriot. “.

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