Trump: certain regions of the United States will return to normal life faster than others

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Trump: certain regions of the United States will return to normal life faster than others

The President is constantly in touch with the Governor of New York State, who has become the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States.

President Donald Trump said on Wednesday night that certain regions of the United States, which are now in a state of emergency due to the global coronavirus pandemic, will return to normal life faster “than other areas” of the country. The President said this during a daily press briefing at the White House on the development of the COVID-19 crisis..

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President thanked Americans for responding to the recent White House call to abide by social distancing rules and to minimize the risks of coronavirus infection for others.

“In making the sacrifices necessary to more proactively address this dire threat, we have pledged to maintain social distancing … We are doing it right now. The more lives we can save, the sooner we can eventually get people back to work, back to school, and back to normal. And large areas of our country will probably be able to return [to normal life] much sooner than other regions. We obviously think about it too. People ask if this is an alternative. I answer: absolutely. This is an alternative, “the president emphasized..

Trump said he approved a major natural disaster declaration for the states of New York, California, Washington, Iowa, Texas and Florida..

He added that the White House working group is in constant and close contact with authorities at all levels, including the government of New York, which is currently facing the most difficult situation due to a sharp increase in the number of infected people..

“There are a number of very difficult weeks ahead of them,” Trump said, praising New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “very good work”. The President said that over the past 24 hours he had already talked to Cuomo twice, discussing the situation in the state with him..

According to Trump, assistance to the states hardest hit by the coronavirus is being provided as quickly as possible. “As you know, we are building several hospitals and health centers in certain areas of New York … I want you to know that I am doing everything in my power to help the city deal with this problem and I am working very hard with New York. -York. This is really our biggest problem, “the President noted..

Trump also mentioned several large aid packages to the economy and US residents who have suffered, including economically, from the restrictions imposed on the country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The speech, including, as the president recalled, is about the payment of hospital workers at the expense of the state.

The $ 2 trillion economic aid bill is, according to Donald Trump, the largest such dollar-denominated measure in the country’s history, comparable to President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, an initiative to restart the American economy that suffered in the late 1920s. from the Great Depression.

“And this is amazing: a lot of money will go to create jobs and families,” the president stressed..

Trump also recalled that the version of the bill approved by the Senate included $ 355 billion in small business loans to hold jobs with loan forgiveness to companies that will not lay off their employees by paying them salaries. This, according to the president, will allow “to quickly accelerate our economy as soon as we defeat the virus.”.

$ 300 billion will go towards direct cash payments to all American citizens earning less than $ 99,000 a year. On average, a family of four will receive checks for $ 3,400, Donald Trump said.

The state plans to spend another 250 billion dollars on unemployment benefits. On average, all people who lose their jobs will receive 100% of their salary for at least four months. In addition, independent contractors and non-contract employees will be eligible for the same benefit..

“We wanted to use the money for companies to help… they get through this difficult period. And I don’t think it will be such a difficult period. I think this will happen when we open up [the economy], and the sooner the better. It will take off like a spaceship. I think that this … will happen very soon, ”the president emphasized..

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