Trump and Biden meet with voters in swing states

Biden Leads Trump 51-46 Percent In Battleground States, Chuck Todd Says | TODAY

Trump and Biden meet with voters in swing states

Joe Biden is meeting with voters on Thursday night in his native Scranton, Donald Trump went to Wisconsin for a campaign rally with his supporters

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday answered voters’ questions for the first time in a meeting that aired on CNN, and President Donald Trump returned to Wisconsin that evening to meet with his supporters..

Less than seven weeks before election day, Biden began holding more public events. His rival has long been actively traveling to various states, trying to convince voters of the need for his re-election..

Now both candidates are getting serious about their campaigns, although their approach to this issue is very different from each other..

Trump will hold a multi-voter rally in Wisconsin, during which the president, as always, uses his trademark bravado and will make a number of high-profile statements. Biden’s communication style is quieter, former vice president today meets with blue collars and regular voters.

On the eve of his departure, Trump criticized on Twitter the actions of the authorities of many states, which urge voters to send their ballots by mail, explaining this by reducing the possible risks of contracting coronavirus at polling stations..

Democrats are going to wreak havoc, Trump tweeted, suggesting the November 3 vote could never be determined with certainty..

Biden responded to questions from residents of Scranton, the former vice president’s hometown, during a conversation with voters on CNN Thursday evening. However, this event could also entail risks for the candidate, who has held several unscheduled meetings in recent months..

The 77-year-old former vice president mostly stayed at home in Delaware during the pandemic. Most of the events that Biden has participated in over these months were speeches, during which reporters did not always have the opportunity to ask him questions..

Biden has traveled to “hesitant” states such as Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania, but he always avoided the crowd and only spoke to voters in a controlled, chamber environment..

Trump constantly reminds that his rival “sat out” in the basement, refusing to participate in traditional campaign events.

According to Reuters, during a meeting with voters, Biden expectedly attacked Trump, who deliberately ignored the danger of coronavirus, blaming him for the deaths of thousands of Americans and promising to organize, if elected, a coordinated national campaign to combat the pandemic..

“He knew about it – he knew about it and did nothing,” Biden said during the event. “It’s almost a crime.”.

CNN described Biden’s meeting with voters as a “car” event, with participants in the meeting staying in their cars, parked in the stadium next to the stage from which the Democratic candidate spoke to them to ensure social distance.

CNN Pledges To Adhere To Pennsylvania Pandemic Regulations That Limit Meetings To 250 Attendees.

Yesterday, each of the candidates focused on the pandemic as the main issue of the campaign and expressed very different views on how the Trump administration has responded to the coronavirus outbreak..

Biden made a scathing speech in which he said, “I don’t believe Donald Trump” that he will be able to provide the vaccine without any political interference..

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    Trump and Biden meet with voters in swing states
    Trump and Biden meet with voters in swing states
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Meanwhile, the incumbent insisted that the vaccine could be ready as early as this year, in direct opposition to the time frame announced on the same day by Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Trump suggested Redfield “made a mistake” and “was confused,” telling lawmakers on Wednesday that a safe and effective vaccine would not go public until mid-2021.

Trump also criticized Redfield for his next call for Americans to wear face masks to protect against the spread of Covid-19..

Biden usually appears at public events wearing a mask. Trump almost never does this and makes fun of his rival because of his excessive precaution..

Biden’s meeting with voters takes place two days after Trump appeared in a similar environment and also in Pennsylvania – in Philadelphia. This event was shown on ABC TV channel.

Tensions between Trump and Biden have escalated ahead of their first debate scheduled for September 29 in Ohio.

Biden has consistently topped the nationwide polls, leading the vote against Trump. He is also ahead of Trump in key states, including Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – where Trump won in 2016 with a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, albeit by a narrow margin..

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Trump and Biden meet with voters in swing states

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