Trump and Biden hold final pre-election events

US Presidential Election: Trump and Biden hold final rallies one week before polling day

Trump and Biden hold final pre-election events

Both candidates visit key states that can determine the outcome of the election

Long U.S. campaign coming to an end: candidates have one last chance on Monday to convince undecided voters and urge their supporters to vote.

President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden are holding events in several states that could determine the outcome of an election.

Both candidates are visiting Pennsylvania on Monday, where Biden leads the latest polls, but where Trump won in 2016. Pennsylvania has 20 of the 270 required electoral votes.

Trump holds rally at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, and Biden to speak in Pittsburgh.

Biden will also visit Ohio, where 18 electoral votes are at stake. Polls in this state show that both candidates have roughly equal chances..

Trump will visit North Carolina, where there is also a tense struggle, as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, where Biden leads the polls, but Trump won in 2016.

The official election results will become known only in a few weeks. Counting times vary from state to state.

Usually, the name of the winner becomes known before the official results are published: the media builds estimates based on data from individual sites. This year, a record number of people voted early, with at least 94 million votes cast by Sunday evening. Because many of the ballots were mailed, the counting of votes in some states may take longer than usual..

Trump and Biden hold final pre-election events

Trump criticized the court rulings allowing the counting of ballots, which are stamped on election day and will arrive at a certain time after that. On Sunday, he stated: «I think a lot of shenanigans and abuse can happen».

The president made it clear that his campaign headquarters intend to challenge in court the count of votes cast in absentia in Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court ruled on this issue last week.. «As soon as the elections are over, our lawyers will take action», – the president told reporters ahead of the North Carolina rally.

He also noted: «I think it’s not fair that we have to wait a long time after the elections.».

According to news portal Axios, the president told his entourage that he intends to announce victory on Tuesday night, even if the electoral college results are uncertain. Trump has categorically denied this statement..

Biden commented on these posts during an interval between appearances in Philadelphia on Sunday. «President will not steal elections», – he said.

National polls still show Biden ahead of Trump by about 8 percentage points.

As part of this election, American voters will also determine who will fill all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 of the 100 Senate seats, 11 governorships, and various local government positions. In addition, referendums are held on a number of issues..

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