Trump and Biden exchanged barbs during the first debate

Trump Vs Biden Mash Up: Most heated exchanges from the 1st Presidential debate

Trump and Biden exchanged barbs during the first debate

Presidential candidates discussed, in particular, the situation with the coronavirus epidemic in the United States

The first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday night was followed by millions of Americans. However, as the American media write today, not all viewers considered the tone and polemical overlaps of the discussion to be consistent with the traditional spirit of such events..

The first question from Fox News Moderator Chris Wallace raised the issue of filling a vacancy following the death of Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President Trump has nominated Appellate Judge Amy Connie Barrett for the post. Joe Biden expressed doubts about the acceptability of this candidacy due to Barrett’s position on the prohibition of abortion, Trump retorted, stressing that this topic is not relevant at all for the presidential election..

The moderator went on to ask Trump what he could offer in return for Obamacare, and Biden asked if he intends to keep private insurance. According to Biden, Obamacare is expanding the sphere of public health, and according to Trump, it is destroying private health care. Responding to Biden’s criticism, the president recalled his efforts to lower drug prices.

The next topic of debate was the Covid-19 epidemic. The Democratic presidential candidate has argued that Trump has no strategy to tackle the epidemic. Donald Trump, in turn, recalled the mistakes of the Obama administration during the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic. Speaking about his opponent’s plans, the president said: «He would like to close the whole country, but I would like her to work and live».

In discussing the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 200,000 Americans, Biden ridiculed President Trump’s proposal earlier this year that people could inject themselves with disinfectants for prevention..

«This is the same person who told you that by Easter it will all be gone, that thanks to the warm weather it will disappear miraculously, like a miracle., – said Biden. – And by the way, that you can put in some cleaning agent and that will help».

«It was said sarcastically and you know it, – Trump reacted immediately. – That was sarcasm».

The President stated that his administration «worked great» in the fight against the pandemic.

«We have bathrobes. We have masks. We made ventilators, and you would not have made them, and now only a few weeks separate us from the vaccine», – Trump said after Biden noted that while the US is home to only about 4 percent of the world’s population, it accounts for about 20 percent of coronavirus deaths.

Trump said the situation in the country would be much more dire than the 200,000 deaths and more than 7 million infections if Biden were president. The rivals ended this segment of the debate with a debate about the need to wear masks.. «You would never have done the work that we have done. You don’t have it in your blood», – said Trump, referring to Biden.

Trump and Biden exchanged barbs during the first debate

Trump’s strategy appears to have been to portray Biden as a career politician who has achieved little and made mistakes during his 47 years as Senator and Vice President..

Biden, in turn, tried to portray Trump as incompetent on a variety of issues, besides the pandemic and health..

The acuteness of the controversy was added by personal attacks and barbs, to which opponents often resorted. At one point, the Democratic candidate was so outraged that President Trump was constantly interrupting him that he sharply demanded: «Maybe you boy will shut up?». The moderator also urged not to interrupt each other, to whose reproach Trump replied that his opponent himself was resorting to this tactic..

Joe Biden tried to take personal attacks with sarcasm, and Donald Trump immediately tried to fend them off. «Thing is, everything he’s talked about so far is just a lie., – Biden said. – I’m not here to point out his lies. Everybody knows he’s a liar». Trump responded by saying that he did more in 47 months in office than Joe Biden did in 47 years of his political career..

«The president has no plan», – stated Biden, repeating this thought several times. Trump called Biden «socialist», accusing him of indulging the dictates of the left wing of his party.

Even the intellect of rivals was under attack.

«You used the word smart? – Trump told Biden, questioning his academic success. – Don’t even use the word smart when talking to me.».

«Oh oh come on!» – Biden responded, saying Trump has shown less than reasonable leadership.

Moderator Wallace seemed to summarize the discussion when he remarked: «Gentlemen, you understand what you say at the same time


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