The White House announced the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco

The White House announced the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco

As part of the deal, the United States agreed to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara

Israel and Morocco on Thursday, mediated by the United States, agreed to normalize relations. Thus, Morocco became the fourth Muslim country, along with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, to conclude an agreement with Israel to establish diplomatic relations as part of Washington’s efforts to create a united regional front against Iran. This was announced on Thursday afternoon during a conference call by Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump..

In addition, President Trump, according to Kouchner, as part of the agreements agreed to recognize the sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara, a desert region over which the kingdom has for many years a territorial dispute with the Polisario Front (Popular Front for the Liberation of Sagiet el Hamra and Rio de Oro) supported by neighboring Algeria. Front Polisario seeks the separation of Western Sahara from Morocco and the establishment on its territory of the Sahara Arab Democratic Republic.

Jared Kushner said President Trump received confirmation of the Israeli-Moroccan agreement in a telephone conversation with King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Thursday.

According to Reuters, President-elect Joe Biden, who is due to replace Trump on January 20, will face the problem of whether or not to accept US commitments to Western Sahara. No other Western country has yet taken this step. Biden has previously indicated that he will continue to pursue Trump’s course of supporting the normalization of relations between Israel and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa..

Donald Trump announced the agreement with Morocco on his Twitter, calling it “another historic breakthrough” towards peace in the Middle East.

According to a statement from the royal court of Morocco, King Mohammed promised Trump to establish direct flights from Rabat to Tel Aviv and back..

“It will be a very warm world. Never before has the peaceful light on this Hanukkah day shone brighter than today in the Middle East, ”said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, congratulating the country’s residents on the beginning of the celebration of the main winter holiday of all religious Jews.

Kushner added during a conference call that Saudi Arabia will “inevitably” strike a similar deal with Israel. A White House source told Reuters that the Saudis will likely wait until Biden’s presidency begins before taking a step towards normalizing relations with Israel..

According to the agreement, Morocco will establish full diplomatic relations and resume official contacts with Israel.

“They are going to immediately open liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv with the intention of opening embassies. And they are going to promote economic cooperation between Israeli and Moroccan companies, ”said Kouchner during a teleconference..

Morocco’s royal court, Reuters reports, said Washington will open a consulate in Western Sahara as part of Morocco’s deal with Israel.

The White House proclamation states that, according to the United States, an independent state in the Sahara is “an unrealistic option for resolving the conflict,” and that “genuine autonomy (of the region) under Moroccan sovereignty is the only possible solution.”.

“We urge the parties to immediately begin discussions, using the plan for the establishment of autonomy within Morocco as a basis for negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable solution,” the proclamation says..

Washington in 1991 supported a ceasefire between Morocco and the Polisario Front. Last month, following a border incident, Polisario pulled out of the deal and announced a return to armed struggle..

A spokesman for the Front Polisario independence movement in Western Sahara, according to Reuters, said he was “very sorry” about the change in US policy, which he called “strange but not surprising.”.

“It will not change the reality of the conflict and the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination,” said Ubi Bhraya, the representative of the Polisario in Europe..

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The White House announced the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco
The White House announced the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco



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