The head of the US Postal Service told the senators about the preparations for the presidential election

US Postal Service chief says ballots to be delivered on time

The head of the US Postal Service told the senators about the preparations for the presidential election

House Speaker thanked Democratic lawmakers for supporting U.S. Postal Service Rescue Day

On Friday, U.S. Postmaster General Louis Dejoy answered questions from U.S. lawmakers for the first time since his appointment about cutting the Postal Service’s spending in what Democrats see as an attempt to boost President Trump’s chances of re-election..

Luis Dejoy arrives at Congress to attend a hearing on the Postal Service

Dejoy testified at a meeting of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Public Administration on Friday.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Public Administration, which will preside over Dejoy’s hearings, is about to stand up for the postmaster, explaining his actions as “an attempt to cut the excess spending now cynically used to create this false political discourse.”.

During the meeting, according to Reuters, Dejoy assured senators that the Postal Service has not changed the way it handles mailing ballots, which the postmaster said will be processed “safely and on time” in the November presidential election..

However, Dejoy said he was considering “drastic changes” to bolster the Postal Service’s financial position after the November 3 elections. Dejoy suspended previously introduced cost-cutting measures on Tuesday after they led to massive delays in mail customer service.

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Hearings on the state of the U.S. Postal Service begin in Congress



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Dejoy, who has donated millions of dollars to Trump and other Republicans’ campaign funds, said he did not speak to Trump’s staff and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about postal operations. Dejoy assured that postmen would deliver 95% of the ballots to the commissions within three days, as was the case in the 2018 congressional elections. He added that he will personally vote by mail.

“In the run-up to the elections, I want to assure this committee and the American public that the Postal Service is fully capable and ready to deliver national electoral correspondence reliably and on time. This sacred duty is my number one priority, ”he said at a meeting of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Republican Senator Rand Paul said DeJoy should consider firing some of the Postal Service’s 630,000 employees to save costs.

Senator Gary Peters, chief Democrat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said he received over 7,500 mail delays from residents of his home state of Michigan..

“If you plan to continue making changes like this, I think my colleagues and many of our constituencies will continue to question whether you are the right fit to lead this absolutely essential public institution,” Peters said..

Six states and the District of Columbia sued Dejoy on Friday, claiming changes to postal services hurt their ability to hold free and fair elections..

Dejoy will speak at a meeting of the Democratic Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Monday to see if the postmaster general plans to reverse the changes he has made to the Postal Service in recent weeks in an effort to cut spending..

After Dejoy announced the suspension of any changes to the service, critics expressed concern that this could interfere with the large-scale postal vote, which Democrats insist on expanding, explaining this concern for the safety of voters in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic..

A group of 90 Democrats in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday called on the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service to immediately sack Dejoy “to protect this important institution,” according to a letter sent to council members. Dejoy, major political sponsor of the GOP and Trump ally, joins work in June.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thanked Democratic lawmakers for participating in the United States Postal Service’s Rescue Day on Tuesday. This is stated in a statement released by Pelosi on Friday..

More than 100 members of the Democratic faction took part in the events.

Pelosi said on Thursday she spoke with US Postmaster General Louis Dejoy..

“I told him that the pause he offered was absolutely insufficient and did not remedy the damage already done. The postmaster general also admitted that he had no intention of replacing sorting machines, blue mailboxes and other key postal infrastructure, and said plans for overtime, which is critical for timely mail delivery, are not being developed. statement.

Pelosi promised that the House of Representatives would pass the Postal Delivery Act “in the name of our democracy and in the name of veterans, seniors, families and small businesses that depend on the mail.” The speaker noted with regret that the letter she received from the Republican leaders denied the existence of a crisis in the work of the Postal Service..

U.S. Postmaster General Louis Dejoy on Tuesday announced the suspension of some planned reforms and initiatives until the presidential election.

“I am postponing these initiatives until the end of the elections,” the text says. In his statement, Dejoy also explains that this decision was made in order to avoid any influence on the voting by mail, and even the appearance of such influence..

Dejoy also announced that post office hours will not be changed, mailboxes will remain in place, and no mailing centers will be closed. In addition, it is planned to expand the working group on voting by mail to include representatives of postal trade unions..

According to sources close to the case, the decision came after a lengthy telephone meeting with the Postal Service’s board of governors on Monday evening..

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