Texas primaries show tension within the Democratic Party

Texas Primary Preview

Texas primaries show tension within the Democratic Party

According to preliminary data, the victory is won by former US Vice President Joe Biden

In Texas, the counting of votes continues, however, according to preliminary data, the victory will go to former US Vice President Joe Biden. Speaking at a meeting with his constituents in another state – California – Biden urged them to rally around him to win elections in November..

“This campaign will send Donald Trump home. Our campaign is on the rise. Join us. Our campaign reflects the diversity of the Democratic Party and our country. We want to defeat Donald Trump, but also keep Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives and gain control of the Senate. If that’s what you want, join us, ”said Joe Biden.

His main rival, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has spent over $ 3.5 million on advertising in Texas, has failed to secure the support of a sufficient number of voters. Professor Gladden Peppin of the University of Dulles notes that the leftist ideas represented by Bernie Sanders are not supported within the Democratic Party in Texas..

“Texas has little interest in the left-wing Democratic candidate. Yes, Bernie Sanders led the polls compared to other candidates, but the difference has been decreasing lately. Bernie Sanders’ positions are stronger in the northern states, and Biden’s in the southern states, ”said Gladden Peppin, a professor at the University of Dallas..

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Texas elections show tension within the Democratic Party



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Texas primaries show tension within the Democratic Party

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This is due to the fact, he adds, that the Democratic Party in the southern states is more ethnically diverse, as demonstrated by the election in South Carolina, where Joe Biden won..

“Among different ethnic groups, there are some doubts about the self-proclaimed Socialist Democrat Sanders. He doesn’t have the strong bonds with them that Biden has. Another factor of concern for the Democratic Party in the southern United States is demographic. Sanders is popular with young voters who are more open to the concept of socialism or democratic socialism. Older voters, who are more interested in economic stability, are more skeptical about Sanders, “the professor said..

Some of the young voters Sanders relies on have decided to cast their vote for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren..

“It reflects my interests more, but at the same time I’m a fan of Bernie Sanders. I thought for a long time who to vote for. The decisive factor was that she was more decisive. My friends were split between Warren and Sanders. I have not seen among friends of my age those who would support Biden or Michael Bloomberg, “- said the voter Janie Sindall.

“Both Biden and Sanders are a little off course. I am conservative and not a socialist. Socialism in the United States will not work. From Biden, I would like to see direct answers to questions, and not walking in circles, “says another voter Larry Karl.

Political scientist Gladden Peppin notes that Sanders’ supporters differ from other voters by their great enthusiasm towards their candidate. Joe Biden, according to the professor, has always lacked such an attitude from his supporters. The former vice president’s victory in South Carolina is somewhat of a reaction from voters against Sanders supporters, but the Vermont senator has a chance of being nominated at a party-wide convention in July, the professor adds..

“If the delegates’ votes are split, then so-called ‘super delegates’ will come into play, who are not required to vote as the state wants. However, if all the enthusiasm of his supporters fails to secure Sanders an overwhelming majority of the votes at the general convention and Biden gets the nomination, the question will be whether Sanders’ supporters will support Biden. So we can say with confidence that there is a certain tension within the Democratic Party in these elections, “he said..

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