State Capitals Prepare for Possible Speeches by Trump Supporters

Trump supporters, some armed, gather outside US state capitol buildings

State capitals prepare for possible speeches by Trump supporters

At least 10 states have recruited National Guard for security

Rallies are expected to take place outside state legislatures in various regions of the United States on Sunday in support of the baseless claims that electoral fraud prevented Donald Trump from serving a second term as president. Law enforcement agencies prepare for possible outbreaks of violence.

At least ten states have recruited National Guard troops to provide security after the FBI warned of armed protests after right-wing extremists were encouraged by an attack on the Washington Capitol.

Scattered demonstrations took place on Saturday, but the atmosphere outside the legislatures remained largely calm. Security officials suspect Sunday could be a point of tension as anti-government Bugalu has planned protests in all 50 states on that day..

Many states have erected barriers around legislature buildings, and Texas and Kentucky have gone further by closing capitol grounds to the public..

At the same time, the center of Washington was practically empty. Streets in the Capitol area were closed off, and National Guard soldiers in camouflage uniforms took up positions at various points in the city..

Connecticut has stepped up its National Guard, preparing for up to 2,000 people, mostly Trump supporters, to appear outside the Capitol complex in Hartford, a state police spokesman said..

“We are preparing for any development of events,” Guard member Pedro Munis said, noting that there were no specific threats. “We will not tolerate any acts of violence.”.

Security measures across the country have been stepped up following the January 6 attack on the Capitol in Washington by a mob of extremists and Trump supporters. Some of the storming participants called for the assassination of Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the certification ceremony for Joe Biden’s election..

State capitals prepare for possible speeches by Trump supporters

The leaders of four congressional committees said on Saturday that they had begun analyzing the events and asked the FBI and other intelligence agencies to report what was known of the threats, whether information was exchanged, and whether foreign influence played a role..

FBI and other federal agencies have warned of possible future violence as white supremacists and other extremists want to take advantage of frustration among Trump supporters who believed false allegations of electoral fraud.

It is unknown if heightened security measures will deter some protesters from participating in the rallies..

In the wake of the events in Washington on January 6, some militias said they would not be participating in a long-planned demonstration of gun rights supporters in Virginia on Monday..

Some extremist organizations have called on their supporters to stay home this weekend due to heightened security measures. Some said the planned events could be a trap set by law enforcement.

Lightfoot Militia leader Bob Gardner said his organization has no plans to meet in Harrisburg, where the State Capitol has been barricaded and protected by hundreds of National Guard troops..

“We have our own communities to take care of,” he said a few days ago. – We do not interfere in politics “.

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