Senate confirms Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State

Antony Blinken Confirmed by Senate as Biden’s Secretary of State

Previously, Blinken’s candidacy was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The Senate on Tuesday approved Anthony Blinken’s candidacy for the post of Secretary of State. During the noon vote on this issue in the full Senate, 78 senators voted for Blinken’s approval, against – 22.

According to Chuck Schumer, who will become the majority leader in the new Senate, Blinken – the person who has to revive and reaffirm in the international arena the prerogatives of the United States in the field of national security.

«I strongly support Mr Blinken’s candidacy – firstly, because he – the person who should do this work, and secondly – because we cannot afford to keep this position vacant», – said Senator Bob Menendez, who in the new Senate will head the Committee on International Affairs.

«The policy to which Mr. Blinken is committed… especially with regard to Iran, will dangerously contribute to the erosion of America’s national security and lead the Biden administration into conflict with Congress», – said Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who explained what he meant «catastrophic nuclear deal with Iran, (initiated) by Obama and Biden».

Republican Senator Jim Risch, who chairs the current Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, said that while he was at odds with Blinken on a number of foreign policy issues, he was encouraged by his words of his commitment to working with Congress. Risch expressed readiness to work together with the new Secretary of State.

Blinken’s approval as the 71st Secretary of State in the country’s history welcomed by the American Diplomatic Association (AFSA).

Earlier, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the appointment of Blinken as Secretary of State, paving the way for a full Senate vote.

Blinken’s candidacy, nominated by President Joe Biden, was supported by 15 committee members, 3 voted against.

«The world is on fire, there are crises in every region and hemisphere that require urgent resolution», – said Bob Menendez before the committee vote.

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