Senate Committee proposed to consider the issue of recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

Senate Committee proposed to consider the issue of recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

The author of the bill, Senator Gardner, blamed Russia for the crash of a Malaysian liner over Ukraine and the use of chemical weapons in the UK

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approves a bill asking the US government to determine whether Russia meets the criteria for a state sponsoring terrorism.

The draft “Law on the cessation of malicious activities motivated by Russian terrorism” was introduced by Republican Senator Corey Gardner.

It requires the Department of State to determine and report to Congress within 90 days whether the Russian Federation meets the criteria established by US law for inclusion in the list of states sponsoring terrorism..

The decision to add to this list is made by the Secretary of State in relation to countries that “have repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism.” Currently the list includes North Korea, Iran, Syria and Sudan.

According to the State Department, sanctions are imposed on those on the list, including “restrictions on US foreign aid, a ban on the export and sale of defense products, some controls on the export of dual-use goods, and various financial and other restrictions.”.

In a statement released following the approval of the bill, Senator Gardner noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin “continues to attempt to seriously harm international peace and stability.”.

“Putin’s Russia invaded neighboring Georgia and Ukraine, supports the bloody regime of Bashar al-Assad and many of our opponents around the world, interferes in elections and wages an active information war against Western democracies,” the senator said..

“Russia is also directly responsible for the heinous attacks, including the crash of Malaysian Flight 17 over Ukraine in 2014, which killed 298 people, including a US citizen, and a chemical weapons attack in the United Kingdom in 2018 that resulted in killed two people, including a British citizen, “- said Gardner.

“Until Russia changes its behavior fundamentally, we must not repeat the mistakes of previous administrations, trying to normalize relations with the state, which continues to pose a serious threat to the United States and its allies,” he concluded..

In a column previously published in the New York Times, Gardner suggested that there were claims that applying such a toxic label to a major world power, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, would not force it to back down and could further damage US-Russian relations, which are already at an all-time low.

“These are important political issues, and therefore my draft law leaves the last word with the professionals of the State Department,” he stressed. “Nevertheless, it is clear that the blame for today’s mistrust and tension in relations between Moscow and Washington lies entirely with the Kremlin and its monstrous behavior.”.

“The United States must take all diplomatic steps necessary to protect our allies and our democracy, as well as to contain a revanchist Russia, which intends to rewrite history and threaten our way of life,” – said the senator.

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