Second-term presidential ratings

Trump’s approval ratings rise, road clear for 2nd term?

Second-term presidential ratings

Of the 44 presidents who ruled the United States, only 13 spent two full terms in the White House.

On the eve of the beginning of the second presidential term, Barack Obama’s rating is 56%, which is slightly higher than his average rating in the first four years of his tenure in the White House (49%).

According to the Gallup service, the popularity of five of the seven presidents of the United States, who ruled the country for two terms after World War II, declined in popularity during their second presidential terms..

So, the average rating of the first term of Harry Truman was 56%, the second – 36%. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s rating dropped from 70% to 60%, Lyndon Johnson – from 74% to 50%, Richard Nixon – from 56% to 34%, George W. Bush – 62% to 37%.

Thus, the predecessor of Barack Obama Bush Jr., whose rating of the second term was 25 percentage points lower than the rating of the first one, turned out to be a kind of anti-record holder..

However, it can be assumed that if Nixon had not resigned, the anti-record would have belonged to him: in the last month of his stay in power (August 1974), only 24% of Americans approved of his activities..

There are two exceptions to this rule – Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Reagan’s first term was rated 50%, second – 55%, Clinton – 50% and 61%, respectively. At the same time, the second terms of Reagan and Clinton were very difficult for both presidents: Reagan was at the center of the Iran-Contra scandal, and Clinton was under threat of impeachment for lying under oath..

There is one more point worth adding. Political scientist Colin Shogan of George Mason University has compared how well these presidents have worked with Congress.

According to his calculations, in his first term, Reagan received legislative approval for all the bills he proposed, in the second – despite the growing popularity – only every fourth presidential bill was approved. Clinton’s results are also disappointing: 87% of bills approved in the first term, but only 38% in the second..

According to Gallup experts, “The ratings of the first terms of Reagan and Clinton are close to the current result of Barack Obama. If the situation in the US economy improves in the next four years, it is highly likely that Obama’s popularity will grow. “.

Of the 44 presidents who ruled the United States, only 13 spent two full terms in the White House..

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