Russia announced the sending of additional forces to the Syrian region of Ain Isa

Russia announced the sending of additional forces to the Syrian region of Ain Isa

Clashes between Kurdish and Turkish-backed groups in the area

Russia on Sunday said it has deployed additional military police to an area in northern Syria where Turkish-backed insurgents are fighting Kurdish forces near a strategic route patrolled by Russian and Turkish forces..

On Tuesday, Russia will host talks between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. Syria is expected to be one of the main topics, where Turkey supports the rebels and Russia – President Bashar al-Assad.

Fighting in the area of ​​the city of Ain Isa, which is located on the M4 highway connecting major Syrian cities, began earlier in December.

Turkish forces and their rebel allies seized territory in the region last year in an offensive against Kurdish «People’s self-defense detachments», controlling sites in the north and east of Syria.

A senior anonymous source in the Turkish Defense Ministry said Ankara will use Tuesday’s meeting to re-demand the withdrawal of the ONP forces, which it describes as terrorist..

«ONS must leave Ain Isa, and there is a willingness to do everything possible for this», – source said.

A spokesman for the rebel National Army, Major Yousef Hamoud, told Reuters that this year Kurdish forces used the city of Ain Isa to stage a series of bombings that killed dozens of civilians..

The Russian Defense Ministry said it sent additional military police units to the area on Sunday..

«Earlier, during negotiations with the Turkish side, agreements were reached on the deployment of joint Russian-Syrian posts.», – stated in the department.

Hamoud said that the National Army has not yet seen new Russian units in the city..

The Russian military is also carrying out aerial patrols in the area. At the same time, Moscow called on the parties to de-escalate the violence. She claims she has not recorded attacks from Turkish-backed forces in the past 24 hours.

Recall that last week, Washington imposed sanctions against 18 Syrian individuals and legal entities for «supporting Assad’s war machine and opposing efforts to end the Syrian conflict». According to the State Department, this was done to force the Assad regime to end the war against its own people and resolve the crisis in the country by political means.

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