Reform of the Basic Law of Russia: Amendments or a Constitutional Coup?

Power To The Putin: What’s In Russia’s Constitutional Reforms Package?

Reform of the Basic Law of Russia: Amendments or a Constitutional Coup?

Experts – about why and for whom the Constitution of the Russian Federation is being revised

The authors of the “manifesto of Russian citizens” opposed the constitutional reform initiated by President Vladimir Putin. The appeal was published on Friday, January 24, in Novaya Gazeta.

The authors of the document argue that under the guise of changes, a constitutional coup is taking place in the country, the meaning of which is to preserve the power of Vladimir Putin and “his corrupt regime” for life..

“For this purpose, a special operation was invented to illegally rewrite the Constitution,” says the manifesto. “Putin announced this as a ready-made decision on January 15, having determined the fate of Russia in just 17 minutes. The amendments were prepared in 5 days “.

According to the authors, amendments to the Constitution are being introduced hastily, with various manipulations and without due public discussion. “Instead of the Constitutional Assembly, we are offered a simulation working group with the participation of non-professionals. Instead of a referendum – an illegitimate all-Russian vote, ”the appeal says..

Changing the text of the country’s Basic Law “under the current political interests destroys the last institution that protects Russia from the complete usurpation of power,” the authors of the manifesto state.

Among the signatories of the appeal are journalist and municipal deputy Ilya Azar, economists Sergei Guriev and Boris Grozovsky, political scientist Tatyana Vorozheikina, human rights activist Sergei Davidis and others.

The day before, the State Duma unanimously adopted in the first reading the draft law on amendments to the Constitution introduced by the Russian president. The second reading is just around the corner – February 11, and no one doubts that Putin’s initiative will receive a logical conclusion.

National vote on constitutional changes scheduled for April 12.

Mark Feigin, a member of the Standing Committee of the Forum of Free Russia, in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America, noted that in today’s Russia, in general, a lot goes on in the regime of special operations, because Vladimir Putin thinks in this way. Therefore, he is not surprised at how the plan to revise the Constitution is being implemented..

“There should be no illusion that the amendments to the Constitution appeared spontaneously,” he added. – It is quite obvious that this scenario has been worked out for a long time. There is no doubt in whose interests everything is being done – only Putin as the main beneficiary of the system. Everything that is done in the country is done for him “.

Reform of the Basic Law of Russia: Amendments or a Constitutional Coup?

There are no objective reasons for changing the constitution, Mark Feigin is sure. In his opinion, they are needed only to prolong the power of Vladimir Putin..

“Therefore, Putin will replace Putin. There are three main scenarios for making this vision a reality. First of all, the State Council in its various modifications. But the prime minister and the presidential one, as strange as it may seem to someone, the seats for Putin also remain vacant. So far, there are no guarantees that after the adoption of these amendments the incumbent president will not be able to run again for two more terms, “.

However, judging by the way things are going, most likely, Putin will take the post of head of the State Council, the politician suggests: “And it’s not a fact that this will happen after 2024. Castling can happen even earlier, when it is filled with the necessary powers and competencies of this very body. It may well, for example, be merged into one with the Security Council “.

In any case, it is absolutely certain that Putin will not leave power, and in what capacity he will remain, perhaps only the president himself knows, concluded Mark Feigin.

At the same time, the co-chairman of the Golos movement, Grigory Melkonyants, found it difficult to say what the further scenario would be with the transit of power. As it seems to him, if there is such a rush, then there is some kind of plan and it is necessary to wait for the next step to implement it..

“It can be early elections – either parliamentary or presidential,” he says in a commentary to the Voice of America. – Personnel reshuffles may continue and any new changes in legislation may occur to transform the political system. At this stage, we can only guess on the coffee grounds “.

At the same time, Grigory Melkonyants doubts that the question of whether Putin remains in power in any case has already been finally and irrevocably resolved..

“The provisions on the State Council have not yet been developed in the amendments. We need to wait for a separate law that would explain what he will actually do. I suppose. In a word, I’m not sure that the authorities themselves clearly understand in which direction everything will eventually move. Therefore, they kind of left themselves room for maneuver, depending on the circumstances that appear in the country, and taking into account the general situation, both internal and external “.

Probably, the Kremlin believes that the more there are various preparations for all cases, the more stable the model of state governance chosen in the end will become, concluded the co-chairman of the Golos movement.

  • Victor Vladimirov

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