Recount in Wisconsin Confirms Biden’s Victory

Completed Wisconsin recount confirms Biden’s win over Trump

Recount in Wisconsin Confirms Biden's Victory

President-elect to announce names of key representatives of his economic team this week

US President-elect Joe Biden received 87 additional votes in Wisconsin following a partial recount of ballots that ended Sunday. This consolidated the victory he won in this state over President Donald Trump. The total preponderance was 20 thousand votes.

Trump’s campaign headquarters paid $ 3 million to recount 800,000 votes in two regions of the state where Democrats have the most influence: Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, and the state capital, Madison..

The recount was carried out to demonstrate that Biden’s claim to 10 Wisconsin electoral votes was untenable. Instead, however, Wisconsin became the last state in which Trump sought and failed through recounts to overturn the November 3 vote or win lawsuits to prove that it was only vote count rigging that prevented Trump from staying in the White House for another four years..

Recall that in the Electoral College, the vote in which determines the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States, Biden has an unofficial advantage: he has 306 votes, while Trump has 232. The Electoral College is voted on December 14, with the largest states having the largest number of votes.

Biden is also in the lead according to the results of the popular vote: his preponderance is more than six million votes..

Taking office on January 20, Biden will become the 46th President of the United States. Since he is 78 years old, he will become the oldest leader in the country..

Last week, Biden announced the names of his first candidates for cabinet positions, and this week he plans to announce the names of key economic officials..

Trump said last week that he will leave the White House at the end of his term if the Electoral College vote ends in Biden’s favor..

Trump has yet to recognize the election results, and his campaign headquarters have lost more than 30 lawsuits challenging elections in key states. Ahead of the Wisconsin recount, Trump tweeted: “The Wisconsin recount is not about finding errors in counting, but looking for people who voted illegally, and this case will be opened after the recount is completed … on Monday or Tuesday. We found a lot of illegal voices. Keep for updates!” But in Dane County, where Madison is located, electoral bureau official Scott McDonnell said the recount had found no tampering and that a reanalysis of the count should reassure the public that it was accurate..

However, Trump reiterated unconfirmed electoral irregularities in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Sunday. “Joe Biden didn’t get 80 million votes,” Trump said. “I got 74 million votes and everyone thought it was over” on election night. And then voting by mail began “.

Recount in Wisconsin Confirms Biden's Victory
Recount in Wisconsin Confirms Biden's Victory

“This election is a complete scam,” Trump said.

Biden-backing Democrats were millions of times more likely than Trump-voted Republicans to send ballots by mail. Often these ballots were counted in the days after the elections. In some cases, this was because state law did not allow counting before polling stations closed..

As Trump said, without giving any confirmation, “they stuffed the ballot boxes, you know that. Why do thousands of dead people vote? ” “My opinion will not change in six months – there was a terrible fraud,” he said..

Trump said his headquarters are appealing their lost lawsuits to the Supreme Court. Some Republicans acknowledge Biden’s victory. On Sunday, Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt, who oversees planning for the Capitol inauguration, said on CNN, “We are working with the Biden administration, with the likely administration on both the transition and the inauguration,” although and did not admit that Biden won the victory.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, one of the few Republicans to have named Biden as President-elect, said: “Transit (of power) is what matters. President Trump’s words are not that important “.

Recount in Wisconsin Confirms Biden's Victory

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