President Petro Poroshenko: we will carry out reforms even more courageously

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President Petro Poroshenko: we will carry out reforms even more courageously

The results of 2018 were summed up in Ukraine. Achievements include the local church, termination of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia

The results of 2018 and the reforms carried out show how decisively Ukraine is moving forward. President Petro Poroshenko wrote about this on January 8 on his Facebook page and called important changes.

The 37-second video contains eight items, according to the president, that correspond to the hashtag “GodCare2018”.

The changes last year included: the termination of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia and the termination of Ukraine’s participation in the CIS bodies, parliamentary consideration of amendments to the Constitution for accession to the EU and NATO, the approval of the greeting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!” as an official greeting in the Armed Forces and the police, the creation of a local autocephalous Orthodox Church and the adoption of the Law on the reintegration of Donbass.

Among the achievements in 2018, the leader of Ukraine also referred to the issuance of a ten-millionth biometric passport.

“All this is part of our statist strategy, which brings us closer to Europe. And the catch phrase of the Ukrainian writer Nikolai Khvylovy: “Get away from Moscow! Give Europe! ” – aptly describes this strategy “, – said Petro Poroshenko on his Facebook page.

He stressed that “therefore, we will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved, and we will carry out reforms even more courageously so that Ukraine becomes a strong, successful European country”.

Another video graphic on the president’s page with the hashtag “GodPobed” displays the economic success of Ukraine in 2018.

The President of Ukraine noted that the country’s economy has been growing for eleven quarters in a row, GDP growth for the third quarter of 2018 was plus 2.8 percent, the expected increase in GDP for the year was plus three percent. He also stressed that 408 thousand new jobs were created last year, capital investment increased by almost twenty percent, and the export of goods to the European Union increased by sixteen percent. The country has repaired 3800 km. roads, said Petro Poroshenko.

In the video recording, the President thanked every Ukrainian for the fact that “by joint efforts we are changing our state, affirming our independence, defending our European choice, adequately responding to economic and political challenges”.

Assessments of achievements – for the authorities and citizens

Director of the Institute of the Information Society Yaroslav Pavlovsky notes that the list of achievements and victories at the end of 2018 does not always coincide with public expectations.

“What the authorities wanted to do last year, they have done and are demonstrating the results of their work. Although economic achievements are not very consistent with the powers of the president, it should be noted that the government’s actions were aimed at social transformations, attracting investments. Experts say that up to 20-30 percent of what was expected has been done. There are changes, but there should have been more of them, “Yaroslav Pavlovsky says to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

Yaroslav Pavlovsky believes that the results of the past year can also be regarded today as an attempt by the President of Ukraine to win the confidence of the electorate during the election campaign..

“Some of the year announced as the results of 2018, the president exaggerates, but from the perspective of the perception of victories and achievements, this is important,” Yaroslav Pavlovsky emphasizes.

According to the expert, until the end of the presidential campaign on March 31, 2019, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities will continue reforms in the sectors related to the country’s defense and security..

“Economic changes are unlikely to take place, but there will be tactics of emotional political decisions that will be aimed at strengthening the motivational component of a politically inclined voter. Perhaps a vote in the parliament for the final version of the language law will take place, there will be a break in the next agreements with Russia, an attempt to reduce trade with it, ”emphasizes Yaroslav Pavlovsky.

About fair estimates of economic growth

According to Yuriy Smelyansky, an economic expert on economic issues from the Maidan Zakordonnykh Sprav Foundation, Yuriy Smelyanskyi, in order to display a real picture of economic and social growth, it is necessary to take into account the growth in the welfare of an ordinary Ukrainian.

“For an ordinary Ukrainian, the volume of exports or imports is not important, or how many jobs have been created. It is important to him how much the quality of his life and the level of his consumer opportunities have changed for the better. But, alas, against the backdrop of constant price increases, GDP growth rates in 2018 are below inflationary growth. As a result, when an ordinary Ukrainian looks into his wallet or sets a New Year’s or Christmas table, he sees that his consumer opportunities are not as optimistic as the figures presented by the president’s team, ”Yuriy Smelyansky tells the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent.

For a fair assessment of the situation in the economy of the state for 2018, according to Yuri Smelyansky, it is necessary to take into account not only the growth of exports to the EU countries, but also other indicators that reflect the dynamics and stability of the national currency, gold and foreign exchange reserves.

“Regarding the growth of exports to the EU countries, we see indicators for 2018, but we do not see another indicator of the trade balance – the ratio of exports and imports. Probably because we have not only growing exports to the European Union, but also imports from the EU. There is another point, we have increased imports from Russia with a drop in exports. In fact, trade with Russia is unfavorable for Ukraine. Ukraine gives its currency, the guarantor of which is its gold and foreign exchange reserves, replenished with IMF loans, to the aggressor country. But here, for some reason, the president does not show this situation, “the economist notes..

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