Pompeo on the threat from China

Sec. Mike Pompeo on threat from China to U.S. technology companies

Pompeo on the threat from China

Secretary of State spoke at Georgia Institute of Technology

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke Wednesday at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. Speech topic – challenges to US national security and academic freedom in the country from China.

Addressing the audience and those who followed the event online, Pompeo stated that the communist authorities of the PRC are striving to take possession of the results of scientific and technological developments in the United States and are developing vigorous activities in this direction. Pompeo gave an example of how an ethnic Chinese professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology was detained in China (the professor was present in the hall when the secretary of state spoke). Pompeo recalled that the scientist was released only after outside interference.

Secretary of State Highlights US Measures to End Illegal Practices Directed from Beijing.

The Foreign Minister also noted the desire of the PRC leadership to use ethnic Chinese living abroad to obtain information about democratic activists and dissidents from China..

Pompeo spoke about the actions of the Chinese leadership to cultivate pro-Chinese political beliefs in the US student environment, highlighting the role of the PRC Embassy and a number of local consulates in coordinating such activities.

The secretary of state stressed that the United States will not allow the tyrannical regime of the PRC to carry out brainwashing activities among students. However, he noted, in the fight against this danger, we need the help of the university community..

Recall that earlier this month, speaking at a NATO ministerial meeting, Pompeo highlighted the danger posed by the ruling Communist Party in China to the security of US allies..

Previously, the director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe called China the main threat to freedom and democracy since World War II..

Pompeo on the threat from China
Pompeo on the threat from China

“Beijing is preparing for an indefinite confrontation with the United States,” Ratcliffe wrote in an article for the Wall Street Journal. “Washington should also be prepared.”.

More than 1,000 researchers from the PRC have recently left the United States amid an active fight against technology theft in the United States, according to senior security sources..

According to the head of the Department of National Security of the Ministry of Justice, John Demers, speaking at the event of the analytical center Aspen Institute, the researchers left the country when the Ministry of Justice opened several criminal cases against Chinese agents on suspicion of industrial and technological espionage..

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