Pompeo accuses China of trying to spark unrest in the United States

Pompeo accuses Chinese government of infiltrating US college campuses

Pompeo accuses China of trying to spark unrest in the United States

Secretary of State says Beijing wants to divert attention from questions about China’s response to the outbreak of coronavirus

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of trying to provoke unrest in the United States through criticism of racism.

Pompeo, known for his hawkish stance on China, attacked Beijing in an unusual address to Wisconsin lawmakers.

The Chinese Communist Party “believes it can stifle calls from America to prosecute with racist voices,” Pompeo told GOP lawmakers at the Madison State Capitol..

“The CCP wants to provoke the same feuds that we saw in Minneapolis, Portland and Kenosha,” he added, naming cities where protests against racism and police brutality have taken place in recent months..

“It’s disgusting. We cannot allow this to happen, ”he said..

Pompeo cited a letter from a Chinese diplomat to a Wisconsin lawmaker as proof of China’s intentions..

The letter said that Beijing “strongly opposes racial discrimination and xenophobia” against the Chinese community in the United States in connection with the coronavirus crisis.

“They want you to believe that America’s righteous outrage over the CCP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak has something to do with race relations,” Pompeo said..

“But it’s not like that. It has to do with citizens who are no longer with us, with children who cannot go back to school, and jobs that have been lost, “he objected..

“The CCP knows this,” said the head of American diplomacy.

Pompeo noted that the United States does not intend to sit idly by in the face of Chinese intervention.

“We will not allow the CCP to interfere in our domestic politics,” he said. “We have imposed restrictions on Chinese diplomats that are symmetrical to those faced by American diplomats inside China.”.

“We want to do our best to protect our children from the malicious influence of the CCP,” continued the Secretary of State. “We have officially declared the headquarters of the Confucius Institute in the United States a foreign mission and urged universities to hurry to close the doors to these programs.”.

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