Police reform demands are heard amid protests in U.S. cities

New York City Council passes series of police reforms amid protests

Police reform demands are heard amid protests in U.S. cities

Minneapolis says goodbye to George Floyd

Minneapolis hosts the first of three memorial services Thursday for African American George Floyd, whose death sparked massive protests across the country demanding justice and systematic reform..

Renowned civil rights activist Pastor Al Sharpton conducts a service for the family and friends of the deceased..

“We remember the long list of those who were unforgivably killed by law enforcement due to double standards, bigotry and racism,” Sharpton wrote on social media ahead of the service. – We think about their loved ones, we think about who they could become, what contribution they could make. And then we do something to achieve justice and fairness “.

On Saturday, a public farewell to the deceased and a private service will be held in North Carolina, where Floyd was born, and on Monday, a large-scale ceremony will take place in Houston, where he spent most of his life..

Demonstrators welcomed the Minnesota attorney’s decision to indict three more officers involved in Floyd’s arrest. On Wednesday, protests in numerous cities were largely peaceful..

In Washington, several thousand people took part in demonstrations in front of the White House and the Capitol, and marched along Pennsylvania Avenue. Police officers, members of the National Guard, and employees of several federal agencies enforced order..

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser Eases City Curfew: Now It Starts At 11:00 PM, Not 7:00 PM.

Detroit Police Chief promised that officers would not interfere with those who go to peaceful demonstrations after curfew, and Seattle Mayor Jenny Dercan lifted the curfew that was supposed to be in effect until Saturday..

Mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles plan to lift curfew on Thursday.

San Francisco Mayor Eric Garzetti responded to protesters’ calls to cut police budgets by announcing on Wednesday that he would divert $ 150 million from the department and $ 100 million from other projects to health and education for African Americans. He also announced plans for police reform..

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced that the policeman who pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck was charged with extenuating murder, and the rest of the police involved in the arrest were charged with assisting in the murder..

Police reform demands are heard amid protests in U.S. cities
Police reform demands are heard amid protests in U.S. cities

“I am deeply convinced that these events are in the interest of justice for Floyd, his family, our community and our state,” he said. “We are working together on this case with only one goal – to get justice for George Floyd.”.

Meanwhile, members of Congress Justin Amash and Ayanna Pressly on Wednesday announced that they are preparing a bill to lift conditional immunity to make it easier for victims of civil rights violations to sue officers in civilian courts..

“Conditional immunity protects the police from responsibility, obstructs true justice and undermines the constitutional rights of all residents of this country,” Pressly said..

Among the few cities where clashes occurred on Wednesday was New Orleans, where the police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, saying that they ignored the ban on crossing the bridge..

In New York, police dispersed protesters who protested peacefully, but after curfew.

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