Police: Nashville motorhome bomb suspect dies in blast

Suspect in Nashville Christmas bombing died in the explosion

Police: Nashville motorhome bomb suspect dies in blast

FBI concluded that the explosion was organized by 63-year-old Anthony Warner

Nashville bombing suspect killed in blast, law enforcement said Sunday.

FBI forensic experts matched DNA samples found at the scene with DNA samples from Anthony K. Warner, 63, whose home in neighboring Antioch was searched Saturday.

The FBI tweeted a photo of Warner later on Sunday..

“We have come to the conclusion that a man named Anthony Warner is the organizer of the explosion. He was at the scene when the explosion occurred and died in the explosion, ”prosecutor Donald Cochran told reporters..

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FBI Names Nashville Demoman



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It’s too early to talk about possible motives for the crime, authorities say.

Warner’s motorhome, parked on a street in the center of Tennessee’s largest city, exploded at dawn on Friday. The police arrived on the scene shortly before, following the reports of the shooting, and heard music and an automatic bomb warning message..

The explosion injured three people; the ATT telecommunications company building was damaged, causing cellular, television and Internet outages in central Tennessee and parts of four other states.

Law enforcement ransacked Warner’s home on Saturday and visited a real estate agency in Nashville, where he worked as a visiting computer consultant. As the owner of the company said, in December, Warner quit without giving any reason..

Nashville Mayor John Cooper, speaking on CBS News on Sunday, said there should be a link between the blast and the ATT building, according to local authorities..

The damage to the wiring center was so severe that ATT teams had to drill holes in the wreckage to connect the generators to the equipment as well as pump water out of the basement. The company said in a statement Sunday that it made “significant progress” overnight and restored electricity to four floors of the building..

The company also said it hopes to restore full wireless services by Sunday evening..

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Police: Nashville motorhome bomb suspect dies in blast

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