Physician Sean Conley: President Trump is doing very well

US President Trump’s physician Conley says Trump is “doing very well” after being diagnosed with COV

Physician Sean Conley: President Trump is doing very well

Medical team in charge of Donald Trump’s treatment comments on the president’s health after testing positive for COVID-19

Sean Conley, the US president’s physician, said on Saturday that Donald Trump “is doing very well” and has had no breathing difficulties or fever in the past 24 hours. Conley said this during a press briefing held outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, a suburb of Washington, where the president is currently receiving the necessary medical care..

Conley said the medical team is closely monitoring for signs of possible complications from the coronavirus or medication the president is receiving. Trump begins five-day treatment with remdisivir, an intravenous drug that can shorten hospitalization for COVID-19 patients.

Earlier Friday, Dr. Conley said Trump received an experimental treatment, REGN-COV2 from Regeneron, one of several experimental drugs that use monoclonal antibodies that are used to treat a wide range of diseases. Trump also takes zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin, and aspirin..

“We monitor his heart function, kidney function, liver function. It’s okay. The president did not need oxygen this morning, he has no breathing problems, ”said one of the doctors who spoke at the press briefing. He added that the president was “in an exceptionally good mood.” In the morning, according to the doctor, Trump said he felt so good that he could be discharged “today.”.

Dr. Sean Conley clarified that the president has not had an elevated temperature for more than 24 hours, and the level of oxygen saturation of the lungs is at around 96%, which is a normal indicator. “We remain cautiously optimistic,” Conley added, saying the exact date of Trump’s release is not yet known. Doctors are going to closely monitor his health, especially from 7 to 10 days after infection, since at this stage in some patients the so-called phase of inflammation may begin..

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Physician Sean Conley: President Trump is doing very well

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Half an hour after the end of the press briefing, the President personally thanked the medical staff for their assistance, tweeting: “Doctors, nurses and ALL [staff] of the wonderful Walter Reed Medical Center, as well as others [doctors] from equally incredible institutions who joined them, AWESOME !!! Over the past six months, tremendous progress has been made in the fight against this epidemic. I feel good with their help! “

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