Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes

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Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes

State authorities consider them a safe way to vote, Trump headquarters demands to ban their use

NEW YORK A federal judge on Sunday ruled to postpone a lawsuit by President Donald Trump‘s campaign headquarters to ban the use of special ballot boxes and overturn other changes to Pennsylvania’s mail-order voting process.

The November 3 election promises to be the largest test of mail-order voting. The two main parties have been embroiled in numerous lawsuits that determine how millions of Americans will vote this fall..

The Republican President has repeatedly and unsubstantiated that an increase in the number of mail ballots will lead to an increase in fraud, even though Americans have long voted by mail..

The idea of ​​installing special mailboxes for newsletters gained momentum after the Postal Service’s cost-cutting measures slowed down mail delivery across the country..

In Connecticut, Secretary of State Denis Merrill urged voters to drop ballots into such boxes rather than mail them after receiving reports that some ballots sent in the week before the state primaries arrived too late to be counted..

Three-quarters of ballots in the August primaries were cast in absentia, she said, about 4 percent more than in previous years. Democrat Merrill Says Newly Installed 200 Ballot Boxes Are A Safe And Popular Option.

I don’t understand why people see them as such a problem, she said. They are more secure than mailboxes.

Gov. Tom Wolfe, a Democrat, has defended ballot boxes, saying they are legal and absolutely necessary, especially in the era of coronavirus.

In 2016, Trump beat Pennsylvania by a margin of less than 1 percent, and the state is considered important in his current campaign..

Federal District Judge in western Pennsylvania J. Nicholas Ranjan, appointed by Trump, said the lawsuit filed by Trump’s headquarters will not be considered until similar claims in state courts are reviewed or postponed.

Trump’s deputy head of campaign, Justin Clarke, said in his decision the judge admitted that the problem concerns not only the state, but also has a constitutional nature..

The federal court simply decided not to rush to conclusions on the matter in the hope that the state court would resolve these serious issues and ensure that every Pennsylvania resident’s vote was counted exactly once, Clark said..

Trump campaign seeks to ban voting using ballot boxes used in recent primaries that allow voters to vote in absentia bypassing the U.S. Postal Service.

Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes
Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes

Trump’s headquarters says the use of such boxes was not explicitly allowed by a bipartisan law passed by the state legislature last year that expanded the state’s mail-order voting capabilities..

The lawsuit also calls for the elimination of the residency requirement for election observers so that any Pennsylvania voter can become an observer at any precinct in the state..

The court will slow down the claim and allow the Pennsylvania courts to step in and propose an interpretation of the state laws that underpin the plaintiffs’ federal constitutional claims, Ranjan said..

Trump’s headquarters believes that ballot boxes are a temptation for fraud. A federal judge asked the headquarters to provide evidence of real fraud, but the headquarters refused, arguing that he should not do so in order to win the case..

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Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes
Pennsylvania: Controversy Over Special Mailbox Voting Boxes

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