Pelosi canceled working trip to Afghanistan

Lawmakers React To President Donald Trump Canceling Nancy Pelosi’s Afghanistan Trip | NBC News

Pelosi canceled working trip to Afghanistan

Trump did not allow Pelosi to use a military plane for an overseas trip

On Friday, it became known that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi canceled a trip to Afghanistan, as it is difficult to ensure the safety of a delegation of American lawmakers when using commercial airlines..

Earlier, President Donald Trump denied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to use a military aircraft for an overseas trip, apparently in response to her demand to postpone the President’s annual State of the Art Address..

The increase in tension indicates that the situation with the government shutdown (“shutdown”), which continues on the 27th day, is unlikely to be resolved in the near future.

Pelosi planned to use a military aircraft to travel to Belgium, where NATO’s headquarters is located, as part of a congressional delegation, and to visit Afghanistan to meet with American military personnel..

The Republican president sent a letter to Pelosi denying the use of the plane to her delegation, calling her an “excursion” trip. However, a Democratic spokesman said the purpose of the trip to the Afghanistan war zone was to receive security and intelligence briefings..

“With 800,000 great American employees not getting paid, I’m sure you will agree that postponing this PR event is absolutely appropriate,” Trump wrote..

He told Pelosi she could take a commercial flight..

Trump’s intervention stopped the trip just as Pelosi and other lawmakers were ready to hit the road.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Trump was acting within his powers as commander-in-chief by denying Pelosi a flight on a government plane..

“He denied her the ability to use military aircraft, which must be approved by the Department of Defense,” – said Sanders..

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill said the purpose of the trip to Brussels was “to reaffirm the United States‘ unwavering commitment to the NATO alliance.”.

As for the trip to Afghanistan, the goal was to receive “critical national security and intelligence briefings from people on the front lines,” Hammill said..

A spokesman for the US Department of Defense, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Pelosi had requested and received Pentagon support for an overseas trip, but the president had the right to cancel the speaker’s trip..

On Capitol Hill, members of the delegation were already boarding a bus that was supposed to take them to the Andrews Joint Military Base near Washington, from which the plane was supposed to take off when news of Trump’s decision appeared..

The decision appears to be Trump’s response to Pelosi’s letter on Tuesday, in which she proposes to postpone the president’s annual State of the Union report to Congress, scheduled for January 29, to a later date after the government reopens..

Pelosi explained her proposal by concerns about the ability of the Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service to secure the Capitol during the event..

The ministry later said it was capable of ensuring the safety of the event..

One of Trump’s Republican allies in the Senate condemns the president’s decision.

“One immature decision doesn’t deserve to be answered by others the same,” Republican Senator Lindsay Graham tweeted..

He called Pelosi’s call to postpone the report “On the state of affairs in the country” “a very irresponsible and completely politicized” move, but at the same time noted that Trump’s reaction was “also inappropriate.”.

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