NYT: Russia supports re-election of Trump, who fears Democrats will turn it in their favor

Will Obama’s Fiery Attacks Against Trump Help Democrats? | NYT News

NYT: Russia supports re-election of Trump, who fears Democrats will turn it in their favor

The contents of the secret briefing for lawmakers angered the president: Trump complained that the Democrats would turn this information to their advantage in the run-up to the elections

Last week, intelligence officials warned lawmakers in the House of Representatives that Russia had already intervened in the 2020 election campaign in an attempt to help President Trump get re-elected. This was reported to the New York Times by five sources familiar with the situation. This angered the president, who, according to the NYT, complained that Democrats were using “Russian support” against him..

According to the publication, the day after the intelligence community briefing was held in the House of Representatives on February 13, Trump reprimanded Joseph Maguire, then the acting director of National Intelligence, for allowing such an event to be held, sources familiar with the content of the conversation between Trump and Maguire. Trump was particularly negative about the briefing by Adam Schiff, the Californian Democrat who led the House impeachment process..

During a briefing for members of the Intelligence Committee, Trump’s allies challenged the intelligence community’s findings, recalling that Trump is tough on Russia and trying to strengthen European security. Some intelligence officials view the briefing as a tactical mistake, saying that if the National Intelligence officer speaking at the briefing spoke in a different form or did not mention the aspect of “Russian support” at all, it would help to avoid the anger of the Republicans.

The talk was given by Shelby Pearson, counselor to Joseph Maguire. President on Wednesday announced the replacement of Maguire with Richard Grenell, U.S. ambassador to Germany and longtime Trump supporter..

While some current and former administration officials suggest the briefing may have played a role in Maguire’s removal, two White House sources said Maguire’s replacement for Grenell and the briefing for lawmakers was a coincidence. Grenell’s candidacy has long been discussed in the administration, and Trump has never had a personal attachment to Maguire. At the same time, Maguire himself recently told several employees that, in his opinion, he should remain in his position..

The Intelligence Committee official described the February 13 briefing as an important information update on the “integrity of our upcoming elections”, adding that the event was attended by members of both parties, including Devin Nunez, a leading Republican on the Intelligence Committee.

The Washington Post was the first to report a tense conversation held in the Oval Office between Trump and Maguire.

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