Navalny urged Russians to take to the streets

Jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny urges Russians to take to streets

Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 30 days right in the police building. The oppositionist himself called it lawlessness

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny on Monday urged Russians to take to the streets after a court ordered him to be detained for 30 days.

«Don’t be afraid, take to the streets. Don’t marry me, marry yourself, marry your future», – said Navalny in a video posted on YouTube.

Experts: «Navalny, in fact, was detained for staying alive after being poisoned».

Against the background of calls from the general international community to release the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was detained the day before at Sheremetyevo airport shortly after arriving from Germany, he was sent into custody for 30 days at the request of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of Russia. Moreover, the meeting of the visiting court over the politician was held in the police premises..

Navalny himself called the process over himself «the highest degree of lawlessness», stating that the authorities «torn up and thrown into the trash Criminal Procedure Code».


Ilya Shablinsky: «This is the first time I have faced such arbitrariness»

Deputy Head of the Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law of the Higher School of Economics, Professor Ilya Shablinsky in a commentary for the Russian Service «Voices of America» described the visiting court session over Navalny as an undisguised farce. According to him, the inevitable question arises: why did it need to be done??

«The court should be open and public, especially in such important cases. The Khimki court could well hold a regular session, which would be attended by everyone, including journalists, who, apparently, are feared by the authorities. This is the first time I have encountered such arbitrariness. Police and Courts – these are different branches of government. Another thing is that Russia is actually not a legal state, but a police-punitive one. Moreover, everything is being done emphatically demonstratively, the possibility of Alexei Navalny’s protection of his rights is reduced to a minimum.».

At the same time, the human rights activist believes that the detention of Navalny on the territory of Russia was quite predictable. At the same time, it seems to him, some people still hoped that the authorities would show sanity and allow Navalny to lead a political life, even if they brought absurd charges against him..

«Most, however, tended to be captured immediately after crossing the border., – he added. – Apparently, the regime of Vladimir Putin has completely abandoned such a political option as a real opposition, though not allowed before the elections, which is Alexei Navalny and his supporters. And he has a lot of supporters, as yesterday’s events, in particular, showed. Navalny, in fact, was detained for staying alive after being poisoned».

According to «White counter», About 2 thousand people came to Vnukovo to meet the politician.

The situation in the country has seriously deteriorated, stated Ilya Shablinsky. At the same time, he noted the unprecedented courage and fearlessness of Alexei Navalny: «He knew well where he was flying and put everything on the line. On the other hand, there is the increased ferocity of the regime. We still have a small corridor of freedom of speech. But it seems that soon and he will not be».

The professor is also convinced that the authorities, by their actions, are helping to increase the army of Navalny’s supporters..

«The main thing is that he remains alive and well. It can be seen that Alexei is ready to play long. Its electoral base is growing. I don’t know how widespread the protests will be in connection with Navalny’s arrest. However, millions of people harbored resentment and anger at the authorities.», – summed up the lawyer.

Sergey Davidis: «Navalny completely seized the initiative from the Kremlin»

Program manager «Support for political prisoners and persecuted civil activists» human rights center «Memorial» Sergei Davidis believes that the court decision on the arrest of Alexei Navalny testifies to «insane hysteria of the Kremlin». Like everything that accompanied Navalny’s return to Russia, he specified.

«It is definitely illegal, – claims the human rights activist in a commentary to the Russian service «Voices of America». – There is some, however, not too great, hope that the higher courts will overturn the decision of the Khimki court. In addition, the events showed that Navalny completely seized the initiative from the Kremlin. On the other hand – that the Kremlin is afraid of him».

Sergei Davidis is convinced that the pressure of Alexei Navalny, organized by the authorities, will only strengthen his role and Navalny’s importance as an opposition leader..

«Unfortunately, the concrete structure erected by the Kremlin and additionally reinforced with the latest adopted laws is formally quite stable. Therefore, right now it is difficult to expect that public protests will be able to shake it and significantly affect the situation. But people’s moods are changing rapidly. And at some point, with the appearance of an additional impulse, this can lead to really massive protests, which the authorities will have to reckon with.», – summed up the human rights activist.

Andrey Nikulin: «The Kremlin most likely thinks that they have won a victory»

In turn, political scientist Andrei Nikulin believes that the authorities react situationally to the irritant that has arisen in the person of Navalny. In his opinion, the Kremlin does not care about discrediting the reputation.

«At the same time, the opposition community, the world community and the Russian government have completely different perceptions of what is happening., –the interlocutor emphasized «Voices of America». – The Kremlin, most likely, thinks that they have won a victory. Because they were able to isolate a problematic opponent, deprive him of initiative, the possibility of independent action and leadership of the protest movement. They have their own logic».

In addition, the political scientist assumes that the international reaction to the events around Navalny in Russia will be predictable and ineffective..

«The world community will give birth to several condemning remarks. Perhaps they will introduce more personal sanctions, to which the Russian authorities are already accustomed. This is probably the end of the matter. Since, for example, the Biden administration needs to negotiate with Moscow on arms reduction agreements, and Europe is engrossed in the fight against the coronavirus», – concluded Andrey Nikulin.

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