National Parks Adventure will show the world the beauty of America

America Wild National Parks Adventure 2016 2160p

National Parks Adventure will show the world the beauty of America

A film in three-tee about US national parks tells about America, the Beautiful


The third of March is World Wildlife Day. A new film about the beauty of US national parks, filmed in three-tee format, takes viewers into the heart of the valleys, mountain ranges and forests of America – from the west to the east coast.

These landscapes of amazing beauty are just a small part of the wonders of the planet that can be seen in the national parks of the United States..

The majestic nature has become the main character of the new film entitled “Adventures in National Parks”.

The three-tee movie has been filmed in more than half of nearly 60 US national parks..

According to director Greg McGilleroy, he wanted to celebrate the parks’ centenary by telling the world about them: “And everyone agreed that it was a great idea to celebrate the centenary by filming a big adventure film”.

And at the same time remind Americans and guests of the United States of the wonders of American nature

“I really wanted to convey to the viewer this special feeling of awe for these parks,” says McGillevray..

The film also tells how the nature reserve system was created by President Theodore Roosevelt and naturalist John Muir. The story is told on behalf of today’s enthusiasts – nature lovers. Traveling by bike or on foot, they discover the beauty of the parks for themselves and the viewers.

Producer Sean McGillewray notes that this is a journey: “We were able to show Yellowstone, Yosemi, Grand Teton and the Grand Canyon. These are amazing places, the connection between which is transmitted through the characters of our heroes “.

The director of the film notes that these parks can be considered reference objects for filming in tri-de: “Our viewers will be able to feel that they have been there, and the film really tells about the best places in these parks.”.

Voiceover from actor, director and conservationist Robert Redford.

“The national parks of our country are huge spaces that surround the person who is in them. Therefore, three de-aimax is probably the most logical choice to recreate this experience for those who cannot come and see it all with their own eyes, and for those who may visit our parks in the future, ”says the actor.

“One of my favorite scenes was filmed in Alaska, in Katmai Park, where bears catch salmon. You seem to be standing in the water with them and catching fish, ”says the director.

The team who worked on the film had to shoot in any weather and in very difficult conditions – and all so that the viewer could see and hear the nature of America.

“Delivering equipment and cameras to the desired location was not easy, especially to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. This is a very steep rock, we needed to bring the cameras to the very top to show the views of the climbers, recalls climber Konrad Anker. “I hope viewers learn and become interested in the diversity of American national parks. If after watching our picture they feel a surge of inspiration, then we have achieved our goals. “.

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