Myanmar: Hundreds of Thousands Again rally Against Coup

Thousands rally again in Myanmar against military coup

Myanmar: Hundreds of Thousands Again rally Against Coup

Military authorities are trying to cope with a massive strike

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Myanmar, where Sunday was the ninth day of protests against the recent coup. Meanwhile, the new military authorities are trying to contain a strike by civil servants that could prevent them from running the country..

In the evening in the country’s business capital, Yangon, armored vehicles were seen for the first time since the February 1 coup. The US Embassy urged Americans to “take refuge in place”, citing reports of military movements.

In some parts of the country, trains stopped operating after staff refused to return to work, according to local media reports. Meanwhile, the military sent soldiers to the power plant, where they were greeted by angry crowds..

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Massive employee strike in Myanmar could prevent putschists from running the country



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Myanmar: Hundreds of Thousands Again rally Against Coup




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The campaign of civil disobedience arose in protest against the coup that overthrew the civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi. Doctors were the first to join it, but now it has affected a whole host of government departments..

The junta ordered civil servants to return to work, threatening to take action against them. The military conducts nightly mass arrests, and on Saturday gave themselves the authority to detain people and search private property.

Still, hundreds of railroad workers took part in demonstrations in Yangon on Sunday, despite police orders to return to work..

Soldiers were sent to power plants in northern Kachin province, leading to a confrontation with protesters who decided the military wanted to turn off the electricity to carry out nighttime arrests.

As night fell, soldiers used water cannons to disperse demonstrators at a power plant in the administrative center of Kachin, the city of Myitkyina. This is evidenced by the live broadcast on Facebook, which was viewed by Reuters. The broadcast ended with a shout from one of the soldiers: “Arrest them all!”

Several energy companies in Yangon said on Facebook that they would refuse to turn off the electricity and expressed support for the demonstrators.

“Our responsibility is to provide people with electricity, not turn it off,” said one employee who asked for anonymity..

Government and military could not be reached for comment.

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