Most Senate Republicans Oppose Trump’s Impeachment

Most Senate Republicans Oppose Trump's Impeachment

First-ever impeachment trial of former US president likely to end in Trump’s acquittal – Republicans stood up for him

On Tuesday, the Senate held a procedural vote on the continuation of the trial to impeach Donald Trump. Despite the fact that the majority of senators supported the start of the process (55 – «per», 45 – «vs»), the vast majority of Republicans opposed the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. The balance of votes suggests that the chances of Trump being convicted under Article «incitement to mutiny», reduced to a minimum: there will not be enough votes in the Senate to convict the initiators of impeachment.

An objection by Republican Senator Rand Paul, who said the idea of ​​impeachment of the former president was unconstitutional, was dismissed. This means that the Senate impeachment trial of Trump, the first such trial in US history against a defunct president, will begin as planned in the first decade of February..

Two weeks ago, the House of Representatives impeached then-incumbent President Trump on charges of incitement to insurrection. Democrats accused Trump of initiating riots in the Capitol, which killed five people, calling on his supporters «fight with all your might», to challenge the results of the November 3 presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden.

Most Senate Republicans Oppose Trump's Impeachment

However, the fact that 45 Republicans voted against the trial is evidence that the Senate is unlikely to condemn the former president in the end. For such a conviction, it is necessary that the decision is supported by at least two-thirds of the senators. Democrats need 17 more Republicans to support the impeachment, but today it has become clear that most Republican senators, even those who condemned Trump’s actions on the eve of January 6, have now defended the former president..

«If more than 34 Republicans consider this procedure unconstitutional, then (the trial) can be considered stillborn», – warned his colleagues Senator Rand Paul, who called on the Democrats «no charge at all» former president.

Many Republican senators, including Rand Paul, dispute the legality of the former president’s trial and question the arguments of Democrats who call «incitement to mutiny» Trump’s statements about the victory stolen from him.

In addition, Republicans consider the very idea of ​​holding a trial of the non-incumbent president in the Senate unconstitutional. Senator John Cornin suggested that such a process could become a dangerous precedent, including for the Democrats themselves. Kornin suggested «go back and condemn President Obama», stressing that Trump has already taken responsibility for his actions. «One of the ways of punishment in our system – electoral defeat», – said Republican Kornin.

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