Merkel congratulates Biden and Harris on election victory

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Merkel congratulates Biden and Harris on election victory

Chancellor said the US and Europe must work together to successfully meet the challenges of our time

German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on Monday on their projected election victory and said America and its European partners must rally to tackle the challenges of the modern world..

Speaking at a press conference in Berlin, Merkel noted that Biden has many years of experience in both domestic and foreign policy and knows Germany and Europe well. She added that she has fond memories of meetings and negotiations with the former vice president..

The German Chancellor also warmly congratulated Harris, noting that she will become the first woman to serve as Vice President of the United States. As the daughter of two immigrants, Harris is an inspiration to many people and an example of great opportunity in America, Merkel said. The chancellor added: «I look forward to meeting her».

Merkel congratulates Biden and Harris on election victory

Merkel said the United States, Germany and the rest of the European Union must work together to face the major challenges of our time, including the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming and terrorism. According to her, it is necessary to work towards «open world economy and free trade, because it is the basis of prosperity on both sides of the Atlantic».

Merkel also acknowledged that Germany and other European countries must take on more responsibility in partnership with the United States.. «America has been and remains our most important ally. But she rightly expects that we will make more efforts to ensure our security and more actively defend our beliefs on the world stage.», – she said.

Germany currently holds the incoming presidency of the European Union.

Relations between Merkel and President Donald Trump have been complicated by differences over a range of issues, from NATO funding to relations with Russia..

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