Lev Ponomarev on the emergence of totalitarian practices in Russia

Lev Ponomarev on the emergence of totalitarian practices in Russia

According to the human rights activist, these totalitarian practices are manifested in various areas of the country’s social and political life.

Chairman of the National Public Organization “For Human Rights” Lev Ponomarev not surprised by Freedom House’s wording about Russia. In his opinion, in fact, the situation in the country is even worse..

“I didn’t have time to familiarize myself with the report in detail,” he said in a comment to the Russian service of the Voice of America. – But, in my opinion, it was correct to indicate in the report the appearance of totalitarian practices in Russia. At least I am trying to introduce just such a term now “.

According to the human rights activist, totalitarian practices are manifested in various areas of the social and political life of the Russian Federation: “In addition to the persecution of political prisoners, there is also persecution for religious reasons. Thus, Jehovah’s Witnesses are a new story, and Hizb ut-Tahrir is also a relatively new story, especially in the sense that they are being sentenced to enormous terms now. But on the whole, I agree with the summary (of the Freedom House report) “.

Today Vladimir Putin is destroying the non-parliamentary opposition by all available means, no matter what he says, Lev Ponomarev said..

“In the same way,“ objectionable ”human rights organizations are being destroyed in the country. And what is now being done with Navalny and his supporters is just pure banditry at the state level, “concluded the chairman of the national public organization” For Human Rights “.

In turn, the director of the Sakharov Center Sergey Lukashevsky I agree that Russia is indeed an authoritarian state.

“It is also impossible to object to the fact that our opposition is not allowed to freely participate in elections, and the authorities are persecuting people for free expression in the form of peaceful protest actions, that the right to freedom of expression is de facto violated in the country and there is no freedom of the media. In this sense, of course, nothing surprises me, and it is quite obvious that no progress for the better has happened in Russia over the past year in this regard. “.

At the same time, Sergei Lukashevsky stressed that he personally does not like in such ratings the fact that Russia usually turns out to be somewhere very close to North Korea and other rogue countries..

“I specially carefully looked at the layouts for the past year and noticed that there, in particular, such a concept as the quality of management is used. According to this principle, Russia is compared, say, with China and turns out to be on the scale of political freedom further than the PRC. In my opinion, purely methodologically, this is not entirely adequate. Because, as far as I can judge, the practice of real life in Russia – not specifically regarding political freedoms – of course, is not at this level, and there is nothing similar to what is happening, for example, in certain regions of China, in Russia so far ”, – summed up the director of the Sakharov center.

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