Lawmakers urge Trump to sign COVID-19 relief bill

House Dems urge Trump to sign COVID relief bill

Lawmakers urge Trump to sign COVID-19 relief bill

Earlier, the president demanded an increase in direct payments to Americans, and so far nothing indicates that his position has softened

President Donald Trump does not appear to have softened his stance on the COVID-19 aid bill and government spending, which he has yet to sign. Meanwhile, the federal government has moved closer to partial closure amid the pandemic, and lawmakers are urging the president to break the deadlock over a bill passed by Congress..

The fate of the bill remains in limbo, despite the fact that aid to millions of Americans trying to make ends meet has ended overnight. Federal government spending powers end on Tuesday if Trump, who is spending his weekend in Florida, refuses to sign the bill.

Amid economic hardship and the spread of the disease, several lawmakers have called on Trump to sign the bill immediately so that Congress can then work out additional relief measures..

“What the president is doing now is incredibly cruel,” Senator Bernie Sanders said Sunday. – So many people are suffering “.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey also said that Trump should sign the bill, and then convince of the need for additional steps.

“Now we have a bill, which (we) have agreed with the assistance of the administration. I think we need to see it through to the end, “he said..

This point of view was supported by the Governor of Maryland Republican Larry Hogan, who criticized Trump’s actions in the context of the pandemic and his attempts to reverse the election results..

“I’ve already stopped wondering what his next move might be,” he said..

Hogan and Sanders appeared on ABC’s This Week, and Toomey on Fox News.

Trump spends Sunday playing golf at his West Palm Beach golf course.

He has shown no sign that he is going to sign the bill. On the contrary, his dissatisfaction with the document has only intensified in recent days, as he criticized it both in private conversations with his neighbors in the residence and publicly on Twitter..

“I just want our wonderful people to get $ 2,000 each, not the paltry $ 600 in the bill,” he wrote on Saturday. “You also need to remove the billion dollar feeder.”.

Washington was shocked after Trump unexpectedly rejected the deal, which received widespread approval from both houses of Congress. Earlier, the White House assured Republican leaders that Trump would support him.

Instead, the president coyted a plan to pay most Americans $ 600 in COVID-19 assistance, saying the payments should be $ 2,000. House Republicans were quick to reject the idea during a rare Christmas Eve meeting. However, Trump has been unwavering despite the country being gripped by a pandemic..

President-elect Joe Biden called on Trump to sign the bill immediately, given that two federal job loss relief programs were due to expire on Saturday. He accused Trump of “refusing to be held accountable” with “devastating consequences”.

The relief measures were attached to a broader $ 1.4 trillion government funding bill that would allow the government to function until the end of September. If it is not signed by Tuesday, it will provoke a partial closure of the government..

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