John Kerry Calls For Avoid Needless Fund Cuts

Special Envoy John Kerry, UN Secretary-General António Guterres Mark US Reentry into Paris Agreement

John Kerry Calls For Avoid Needless Fund Cuts

According to Kerry, spending cuts will negatively affect US foreign policy

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the mandatory cuts in government spending, which will take effect on March 1, will negatively affect the US position in the world, harm US foreign policy and lead to a reduction in private investment..

Kerry noted that “relatively small funds” invested by the United States in foreign policy contribute to global stability and increase the external competitiveness of American companies:

“External assistance is not a gift. This is not charity. It is an investment in a strong America and in the free world. Outside help helps others to get on their feet, and then strengthens their determination to work with us to achieve common goals. “.

In his first appearance as Secretary of State, Kerry told students at the University of Virginia that the cost of abandoning a global effort would be enormous because the void would quickly be filled by others:

“Now many can say:“ Not now ”. Not now, when we are experiencing budgetary problems. It’s too expensive. But trust me, my friends, these problems will not get any less serious over time. When it comes to the future, we don’t have a pause button. We cannot decide when to stop or restart our global responsibility, or just wait until the calendar tells you when it will be more convenient to do it. “.

John Kerry Calls For Avoid Needless Fund Cuts

The automatic spending cuts, or “sequestration,” due on March 1, is the result of a standoff between President Obama and Republican congressmen. The parties cannot agree with each other on how to balance the budget. House Speaker John Beiner says the word is up to the president, who has the ability to avoid this automatic cost cut:

“There are a couple of weeks left before the sequestration, and the president has not yet presented an action plan to avoid this sequestration and the painful cost cuts that will result. Republicans twice passed a bill that was supposed to replace the sequestration. Now it’s up to the President and the Senate Democrats to present us with their plan and their proposals on how to prevent this sequestration. “.

Johns Hopkins University professor Ruth Wedgwood says automatic spending cuts will be a rather unfortunate start to a second term for Obama..

“Sequesting would be a very, very stupid signal to the rest of the world. And no one knows what this might turn out to be. “.

She says US diplomatic positions and military might are at stake, especially as the military has already begun to scale back its programs in anticipation of spending cuts. Kerry called for a “responsible deal to avoid these senseless cuts” so that the United States does not lose global opportunities due to political strife.

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