Jason Smart: Americans are tired of politics

David Hogg: ‘We Are The Divided States of America’

New administration should focus on vaccination and economics, expert said

In his inaugural address, President Biden focused on the issue of uniting American society. According to the political consultant Jason Smart, emphasizing the complexity of today’s internal political situation, the responsibility for this lies with both parties.

«Joe Biden would be wise to tackle issues that concern everyone, – convinced Smart. – For example, vaccination – The overwhelming majority of Americans want a way out of the pandemic, and this topic has already become the foundation for unity. Or economics – this is what everyone feels for themselves. And if Biden can take concrete steps to improve the economy and create jobs, it will be an important step towards rebuilding the country and advancing American interests..

According to Smart, the state of affairs in Congress will depend on whether the Democrats who control it take steps that are important for the country as a whole. – be it economics, defense or health care.

«Here they are (Democrats – A.Ya.) are unlikely to face resistance from Republicans, – expert thinks. – If they decide to go along the path of solving only social problems – such as the right to abortion, the rights of transsexuals and the like, it will lead to conflict. These are the questions that evoke the most emotion in Americans. My advice to both Republicans and Democrats: Look at the low approval ratings of the House of Representatives and Senate. People are tired of politics and want real results. They need someone who will fight for them, improve their lives. They don’t want to hear rhetoric. They want to see steps that can truly improve their lives.».

Today the United States is going through a critical moment in its history, the analyst emphasizes..

«Joe Biden has the opportunity to bring about change, and it’s up to him whether to waste existing political dividends or use them to revitalize the country.», – convinced by Jason Smart.

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