January 27 – Holocaust Remembrance Day

Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day – UN Chief (27 January)

January 27 - Holocaust Remembrance Day

On this day, memorial ceremonies were held in Auschwitz with the participation of former prisoners of the death camp

On January 27, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the international community commemorates the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany during World War II.

«We keep in our hearts the memory of every man, woman and every child who was persecuted, tortured or destroyed during the Khlokost., – said in a White House statement. – Remembering these men and women means fighting to prevent similar suffering from happening again.».

The holocaust – systematic, state-organized persecution and extermination of six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its accomplices. «The holocaust» – Greek word meaning «burnt offering». The Nazis who came to power in Germany in January 1933 believed that the Germans were representatives of «superior race», and the Jews – «inferior», and therefore pose a threat to the so-called Germanic racial community.

During the Holocaust, the German authorities also persecuted other groups of the population that they considered racially or biologically inferior. These included the Roma (Gypsies), the disabled and some Slavic peoples (Poles, Russians, and others). Other groups were persecuted for political, ideological or behavioral reasons: communists, socialists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and others.

In addition, Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates people who risked their lives to save persecuted Jews and other prisoners of Nazi death camps..

January 27 – anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp Auschwitz (Auschwitz). A ceremony was held here on Sunday with the participation of former death camp inmates. Wearing striped scarves that resembled the uniforms of camp prisoners, they laid flowers on the execution wall.

January 27 - Holocaust Remembrance Day

Former concentration camp Auschwitz (Auschwitz), Poland. January 27, 2019.

A different ceremony took place outside the former gas chambers in Auschwitz – in memory of the 1.1 million people killed there, and all the victims of the Holocaust.

According to the British Holocaust Memorial Day Foundation, a recent poll showed that 5 percent of British adults do not believe in the reality of the Holocaust. Another 8 percent believe that the scale of the Holocaust is exaggerated.

The poll, which was attended by more than two thousand people, showed that 64 percent do not know how many Jews were exterminated or significantly underestimate this number. 45 percent said they did not know how many people were killed, 19 percent believed that less than two million Jews were killed.

At the same time, 83 percent of respondents consider it important to know the truth about the Holocaust.

Foundation Executive Director Olivia Marks-Waldman emphasizes: «The Holocaust threatened the very fabric of civilization and has consequences for all of us. Such widespread ignorance and even denial is shocking. Without a fundamental understanding of recent history, we risk not knowing what, in the end, lead to disrespect for people who are different from us, and hostility towards others.»

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