Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives may take place on Wednesday

House Democrats plan to vote on impeachment Wednesday

Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives may take place on Wednesday

Democrats set to push for impeachment unless Trump resigns and Pence applies 25th Amendment

Democrats on Tuesday will give President Donald Trump one last chance to step down from office a few days before his term expires. Otherwise, he faces an unprecedented second impeachment for “incitement to mutiny” in connection with the recent riots in the Capitol..

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives plans to vote on an impeachment clause as early as Wednesday unless Trump resigns and Vice President Mike Pence takes action to remove him under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution..

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US Congress decides on the application of the 25th amendment



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  • Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives may take place on Wednesday
    Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives may take place on Wednesday

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Lawmakers preparing the indictment say at least 214 out of 222 Democrats in the House of Representatives are ready to support the initiative..

Later on Tuesday, the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution calling on Pence to apply the 25th Amendment, which allows a majority of cabinet members to remove the president from office if incapacitated..

According to Pence’s advisers, he does not support this initiative..

After the events in the Capitol, Trump and Pence did not speak for several days, although they met at the White House on Monday. A senior administration official said they discussed the riots.

“They had a good conversation, discussing the coming week and reflecting on the last four years of work and the achievements of the administration,” the source added..

If Trump doesn’t step down by Wednesday and Pence doesn’t take action, Democratic leaders plan to bring the article of impeachment to the House of Representatives..

Democratic Congressmen Pramila Jayapal and Bonnie Watson Coleman said they were diagnosed with coronavirus a few days after the Capitol invasion.

Meanwhile, Republican Congressman Tom Reid wrote in the New York Times that he and a number of his House of Representatives will be submitting a resolution condemning Trump on Tuesday, proposing the move as an alternative to a “hasty and divisive” impeachment..

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a conference call with fellow Democrats on Monday that the move amounted to a “resignation.”.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin told Fox News on Monday that he considers the impeachment attempt a “reckless” move given the low likelihood of a conviction..

Trump, who did not appear in public after the events at the Capitol, on Tuesday visits the Texas city on the border with Mexico.

Meanwhile, authorities have tightened security measures in Washington ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Permission was obtained to deploy up to 15,000 National Guard members in the city, and tourists were barred from visiting the Washington Monument due to the threat of further unrest..

According to a federal law enforcement official, the FBI has warned that armed protests are planned in Washington and the capitals of all 50 states..

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Impeachment vote in the House of Representatives may take place on Wednesday

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