House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump

House of Representatives vote to impeach Trump

According to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, lawmakers; demonstrated that no one can put themselves above the law

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to declare impeachment to President Donald Trump by 232 votes to 197.

House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed a resolution at about 6:07 p.m. ET, which was voted on by the lower house of Congress..

Ten Republican congressmen were on the side of the Democrats. Thus, Trump, exactly one week before the end of his presidential term, became the only head of state in US history to be impeached twice..

Among those Republicans who decided to follow their principles even to the detriment of party interests, some of the last to join the Democrats were Anthony Gonzales, Tom Rice, Peter Meyer and Fred Upton. No Democrat in the House of Representatives spoke out against impeachment.

Now, according to Congressional minutes, articles of impeachment – more precisely, one article: incitement of insurrection – must be referred to the Senate, which must then consider and approve – or reject – composition of the charge.

Still, most analysts find it unlikely that today’s impeachment announcement will result in Trump’s resignation before his presidential term expires. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office has said the Senate will not be able to begin considering the article of impeachment until Tuesday, January 19 next week, the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency..

Despite this, the Democrats in Congress made it clear that bringing the head of the White House to justice, at least de jure, is a matter of principle for them..

«We know that the president called for a mutiny, for an armed uprising against our common country., – noted earlier Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. – He must go. It poses a clear and immediate threat to the country we all love».

Pelosi added that Trump is leading «war on democracy» So what «rebels» and «domestic terrorists», storming the Capitol were «sent by the president».

The following are comments from other legislators during voting day.

House Procedural Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, Democrat, Massachusetts:

«We are discussing this historic measure right at the scene of the crime, and this discussion would not have happened if it were not for the President of the United States. It was a well-organized attack on our country, instigated by Donald Trump … The Capitol was stormed. People died because of the big lies that this president spoke and too many on the other side of the hall (Republicans) … The president provoked an attempted coup d’etat in this country. People died. Everyone should be outraged. If this is not an impeachment crime, then I do not know what could be considered such a crime.».

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Democrat, Maryland:

«Actions have consequences, and the actions of the President of the United States require immediate and clear action by Congress».

South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, Republican (written statement):

«Supporting the impeachment of President Trump in these circumstances would do a lot of damage to state institutions and could trigger further violence, while the President is calling for calm. This is the moment when American political leaders should kneel down and ask God for advice and guidance. During a crisis, the most important thing is for leaders to make the situation better, not worse.».

Representative from Texas Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat:

«President of the United States – rebel. He led a rebellion against the United States of America».

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Democrat:

«America, we stopped the theft after all. We stopped Donald Trump from stealing our democracy and becoming a tyrant».

South Carolina House of Representatives Nancy Mays, Republican:

«The US House of Representatives has every right to impeach the President of the United States. But what we are doing today, hastily carrying out this impeachment in an hour or two hours of debate and bypassing the Legal Committee, raises big questions about the constitutionality of this process.».

President of the Black Caucus of Congress Karen Bass (at the Caucus Hearing on the Attack on the Capitol and White Supremacy):

«Let us be clear: this was an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated by a riotous white supremacist mob who were armed and equipped and, in many cases, trained in police and military techniques. They came to get the election results reversed, in which their candidate, Trump, lost.… Members of the Black Caucus will act as impeachment managers. We support Donald Trump’s removal and impeachment».

Florida Rep. Val Damings, Democrat:

«We will impeach the President of the United States twice, for the first time in history. The bottom line is to hold the president accountable».

Colorado House of Representatives Jason Crowe, Democrat:

«He will be impeached twice because he should be impeached twice».

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